Writing Assignment One

1 January 2017

Which is the control group? Why? I feel that the control group are the mice that primarily drank water because of the fact that they primarily drank water it separated them from the rest of the experiment. By the mice only drinking water it did not subject them to a big change as those who only drank coffee and the investigators did not want to have some type of influence on the results from the mice that primarily drank water. 3. Which is the treatment group?

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Why? The treatment group are the mice that primarily drank coffee because they were subjected to change and that change is what manipulated their blood glucose levels. 4. Did the researchers follow the scientific method in their experimental design? Explain. I do feel that the researcher follow the scientific method because they wanted to successful determine the cause and effect of drinking primarily water or primarily coffee on blood glucose levels.

They completed the experiment in a way that the changes to the mice that primarily drank water didn’t affect the changes to the mice that primarily drank coffee. By separating them it made the experiment successful and accurate. The investigators constructed a hypothesis, design how to determine, designed the experiment, executed and evaluated with valuable results. 5. Do you think that there may be any possible biases or other problems in this experiment? Explain.

For the simple reason that they separated the mice, study them at the same time frame providing with the equal amount of fluids given to both I feel that it is correct but the problem with the experiment is that there were more mice studied for drinking primarily water then those drinking primarily coffee. Had the investigators had the equal amount of each I feel that I would have been even more effective and accurate. 6. Based on the data, was the hypothesis supported, and what can you conclude from this experiment?

I do feel that the hypothesis is supported because it does show a huge difference on the effect blood glucose levels for drinking primarily coffee over drinking primarily water. From this experiment I can conclude that if someone drinks primarily coffee you blood glucose concentration will be lower than drinking primarily water. Now I wouldn’t advise anyone to only drink coffee but I would advise to drink an equal amount of water and coffee to maintain blood glucose concentration.

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