Writing Between Good Habits and Good Habits

10 October 2016

Writing Program at CSU, is interested in the activities that writers engage in, which have direct influence on their writing. In her essay “Time, Tools, and Talismans” she gave an example of three students, I was mostly interested in Adriana because I share some of her habits and rituals. Many of Adriana’s bad habits contribute to her poor performance as a writer, however she has some good habits too. She needs to eliminate or modify her bad habits, and add or improve the good habits that she already has.

Adriana works in unorganized way, if she puts a schedule and fall behind, she tend to cancel the whole schedule. Also she works very late at night and doesn’t do her home work until the day before the due date, thus, she might has to stay awake all night which, scientifically proven, doesn’t represent the real performance. Another bad result for procrastination is frustration, for example: if she has little time with a lot of work to do without any idea how to start, she would definitely get frustrated, and that, as wyche described it, “would torpedo a stronger writer’s chance for success. Finally, somehow, she seeks interruption during her writing. When she takes a break she turns on the TV. If her favorite program is on, she would watch it and do the assignment at the same time, this is clearly would never work. Although she has a lot of bad habits, she also has some good habits which contribute positively to her performance as a writer, she seeks advice from her friends regarding thoughts and ideas about her writing topic. She organize her studying environment in matter that everything has to be neat and clean, this would help her to gather her thought, and concentrate more on the writing task.

Writing Between Good Habits and Good Habits Essay Example

I like what Adriana do to relax, sometimes she takes a deep breath and pace herself, there is a beautiful proverb to describe this method “how do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time. ” usually when she run out of thoughts, she lie down, listen to some classical music, and stare at the window or the ceiling. All these activities are surprisingly effective elements to create a nicer atmosphere. Adriana knows how to sit a mode for studying indeed. However, I consider that act as procrastination. The only thing she needs to do is to tackle the task in hand.

She doesn’t need to put a lot of thoughts about how to do the assignments, since she can’t be committed to her schedule. If she asks a friend for advice, what she mostly needs to hear is “Just Do It. ” In addition, watching TV during writing will never work. For the simple fact that TV is more interesting than writing. We, as human being, are naturally attracted to the most interesting not the least interesting, thus, if there is a time and we have to choose between our favorite show and our writing task, we would definitely shoos the show then the task, which going to lead again to procrastination.

In another words, the TV must be cut off during writing. In conclusion, having a clean room with a relaxing music, lying down, and staring at the window is helpful activities indeed, yet these activities needs time, and this time must not be taken from the actual studying time, otherwise these activities would be considered a procrastination. Pacing helps organizing thoughts and ideas, and finally, the most important rule: no TV during Writing.

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