Writing Coursework Following Educating Essex and Question Time Listening Essay Sample

As the figure of media has risen dramatically in this century. such as text-message ( SMS ) and chirrup ( web log ) . people have started mistreating their freedom of address and speak anything they like. Consequently. it leads to different sorts of jobs including cyber-bulling and racism.

In footings of the intimidation from Educating Essex and the Fabrice Muamba Twitter race remarks. both of the wrongdoers committed the offenses through media. For the former. a pupil who called Gabby was cyber-bullied through text-messages by her classmates. Grace and Chloe. For the latter. an University pupil Liam Stacey has posted disgusting linguistic communication through Twitter towards a football player Fabrice Muamba who was thought to be died.

Sing the Educating Essex. it reveals that Gabby was bullied because everybody wanted to be popular and they could take part in girly bitching or distributing rumours. Furthermore. they will jealous with those people who were absolutely behaved.

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Writing Coursework Following Educating Essex and Question Time Listening Essay Sample
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being focussed and work hard. Therefore. they will bully those people as they were being shown up to be non working hard plenty. However. at last. both of Grace and Chloe regretted to cyber-bullied Gabby. By contrast. the instance of Fabrice Muamba Twitter race remarks shows that Liam Stacey drank a batch at that clip and don’t know what he has done. Nevertheless. after he knew about this. he besides regretted to make so.

Turning to the effects. all of the wrongdoers including Grace. Chloe and Liam Stacey besides had to acquire a condemnable strong belief while Stacey has to set in gaol for 56 yearss. For the victims. Gabby felt disquieted and angry to the intimidation. Besides. she didn’t know who can be trust any longer and people are atrocious to her and she didn’t want to talk or smile at them. Meanwhile. Fabrice Muamba and his household may besides hold the same feelings as Gabby that they will acquire angry to this sort of “joke” .

As respects the consequence. Gabby has found the school and parents to cover with the job ; the school provides clear back uping grounds to constabularies and happen the bully’s female parent and speak with them without any incrimination. At the same clip. the parents can peal to the constabulary for torment. However. Liam Stacey has to be considered by the justice and he restricted the Public order Act 1986. As a consequence. he has jailed for 56 yearss.

In 29th March. 2012. there was a argument called Question Time. They have invited different people to debate for assorted issues while one of them involved the Muamba Twitter instance. They have discussed the 56 yearss penalty and sharing their sentiments about the issue and the entreaty against the sentence.

Some people thought that the penalty is inordinate and hope Stacey can win the entreaty of sentence. Harmonizing to Simon Jenkins. the editorialist and National Trust president. it is pathetic and cockamamie sentence. He mentioned that directing people to gaol is absurd and it has a higher figure in Britain compared with other European states. If we can non digest people to talk soiled linguistic communication. it was unfair. Therefore. he strongly hopes that Stacey can win the entreaty.

Apart from Simon Jenkins. Anna Soubry. Conservative MP. agreed and went on to add that although foul or racial linguistic communication should non be tolerated. sometimes we forget that a condemnable record will follow you until the terminal of your life. Hence. it is inordinate for the sentence and she hopes that other people can larn his lesson. Meanwhile. a comedian. Alexei Sayle. argued that people are ever holding black ideas. they merely express in the encephalon. Therefore. he implied that Stacey should non be put in gaol.

At the same clip. the oppositions disagreed that the penalty is excessively inordinate. As Douglas Alexander. Labour MP. mentioned that there is no justification for the remarks and we should be insist in rejecting racism including online and offline. Besides. Sarah Teather. Liberal Democrat MP. besides supported that if it is private conversation. it doesn’t affair. However. when you prepared to state to the universe through media. it causes tremendous disturbance and awful tendency. Therefore. everyone should handle what they said as the same manner as publication anyplace. so we have to believe twice before we post it. Furthermore. an audience besides agreed that holding 56 yearss penalty can move as an illustration to forestall people to make it continuously.

Personally. I don’t believe 56 yearss penalty is inordinate. The chief ground is that if Stacey can appeal the sentence. other people may believe that racism is non a serious job and they may make it continuously with many alibis. Although they will hold the condemnable record. this can utilize to warn them non to make it once more. Overall. it is our duties to post any words that are non impacting others and we have to believe twice before we post it.

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