WuTang Clan: Forever

9 September 2019

I found myself watching MTV when a new video flashedon the screen. It was by WuTang and the name of the song was”Triumph.” The music video was really exciting and different.I soon realized it was from the CD, “Forever.” At the musicstore, “Forever” was set up to allow you to listen to itbefore you bought it. It is a great double CD!

I had listened toWuTang’s “36 Chambers” before and like it. In particular, Iliked “C.R.E.A.M.” and “Bring the Pain.” In these,they express how the artists feel. I like “Forever” evenbetter. Listening to WuTang’s music is enjoyable, because they have afast hip/hop beat. Their lyrics are hard to understand, but if youlisten closely, they are meaningful and tell a story.

WuTang originatedin Manhattan. The name they gave Manhattan was Showlein. They used to goto Chinese movies in a theater nearby. Most of the movies took place inShowlein, which is how they thought of the name Showlein for Manhattan.In all rap music, the musician sings one or two songs that keep the cusslevel low, so they can be played on the radio. On “Forever,”this song is “Triumph.” This song was a big hit, and so is theCD. “Forever” was nominated for Best Album of the Year at theMTV Music Award. That award went to Puff Daddy, but WuTang didn’t leavewithout saying a few words. O.D.B. (of the WuTang Clan) jumped up onstage and started saying, “WuTang for da children.” He went onto say how WuTang should have won the award. Many people’s respect forthe WuTang Clan was lowered. O.D.B. was not scheduled to jump on thestage and cause a commotion. Some probably thought it was a publicitystunt, but it was not. The album comes with a CD-ROM for your computer,so you can learn about the members of the clan. I recommend it forpeople who like rap. People who do not like rap should listen beforebuying it. I’m looking forward to WuTang’s next album. .

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