XOXO (Kiss & Hug) by EXO

10 October 2019

XOXO was the first album released by South-Korean boy group, EXO. The album was released on June 3, 2013. EXO debuted in 2011 and started out with 12 members, but now, there are 9 members left. XOXO sold over one million copies and became the best-selling album in the K-pop industry.

On the XOXO album are K-pop, dance pop, and R & B. This is the kind of album that makes you want to either get emotional, rock your head back and forth, or dance. The voices of EXO were intense, deep, and powerful. I have to say though, the song “Baby, Don’t Cry” was very memorable to me due to the great vocals and emotions associated with it.

The song was very intense that it would most likely make you want to cry or feel a throb in your heart. “Baby, Don’t Cry” would start out with good vocals, and then it would climax with brilliance that can’t be expressed.

Today, we listen to songs that are rare in expressing an artist’s emotions and don’t really have a lot of meaning associated with it, but this album is different. Why? Because XOXO has a variety of songs for different purposes, it was to either tell you about a breakup, a desire for a girl, a girl’s effect on someone, and etc. You didn’t need to understand any of the songs, it was like you could know what the songs meant based on how the songs were sang and the feelings you got when you heard the songs.

In the end, I “XOXO” this album and think we are so “Lucky” to have this album to listen to.

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