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9 September 2016

 modeling software can be used to more accurately model and detail construction projects. A 3 – D model defines and communicates the architect’s design vision to the various stakeholders and is a unique digital document that can be used for all phases of design, procurement, construction, and operation. A major benefit of using 3 – D digital representations of projects is the ability to communicate graphical project information to all. A 3 – D model can be used for design, analys s, and fabrication, and can help detect conflicts, interferences, and incompatibilities at an early stage, achieve improved tolerances and quality, and reduce change orders and rework.

They serve all stakeholders involved throughout the life of a project and facilitate cooperation among them. Use of 4 – D Models – The 4 – D computer modeling process integrates 3 – D modeling with time. The 4 – D software generates a sequence of configurations of the project representing its status through time, as determined rom the schedule and the 3 – D model, thus creating an animation of the construction process. 4 – D modeling allows communicating actual construction sequences and can help detect constructability problems, interferences among trades or subcontractors, and in terference between moving equipment and on – going activities.

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Anticipating and addressing such problems contributes to safety on the construction site, and enhances coordination among subcontractors and between the owner’s operations and construction. W eb based Project Management Systems – Web – based project management systems use project collaboration software to provide access for all parties (design consultants, contractors, subcontractors, managers, and others) on a large construction project to a sec ure, project – specific website or collaboration space in order to conduct all daily project management and administrative activities. The main benefits of such systems are increased productivity, reduced cycle time, and elimination of multiple iterations o the work process for project management, RFI processing, and invoice submittal, processing, and payment operations by allowing the members of a geographically distributed group to interact as if they were co – located. The use of web – based communications p rovides immediate access to accurate and complete project status. Aesthetics – Aesthetic enhancement of projects increases their attractiveness and desirability, can serve to establish the identity of a district or city, and represent a statement of its s pirit.

Furthermore, much of the aesthetics features of most projects can be enjoyed by the general public, and aesthetics thus contributes to the quality of life. Marketing and Communications – The success of many projects depends on funding and public s upport, which in turn often depends on how communication with the public, elected officials, decision makers, and the media is handled. Successful communication techniques stress the need for establishing and maintaining credibility, communicating the val ue of the project, ensuring that media overage is more help than hindrance, avoiding mission expansion, and building a sense of pride and ownership. Early Contractor Involvement –

A contractor brought on the project team early in the process can assist i n suggesting and evaluating design, finish, and construction process alternatives, and in reviewing the design for constructability and completeness. The project also benefits from the contractor’s knowledge of current and projected market and pricing cond tions, including labor, material, and equipment availability. vi Innovation, Risk, and Reward – For the risk of introducing an innovation to be taken, it is necessary that a potential reward, of sufficient value, exist. Process Flexibility and Opportunity for Innovation – For innovation to be considered, it is necessary that the contracting and procurement rules provide sufficient flexibility. Ownership of Process – Roles and Responsibilities – With alternative project delivery systems s

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