Yalta Potsdam Conferences

1 January 2018

Its advocating of peace was displayed in some of the points thought of during it. Body 1 Peace/Liberation 3 Points The Yalta Conference seeded to advocate post war peace by establishing a us successor to the League of Nations, the united Nations. Resulted in extrication of countries oppressed by Nazi rule Reformation of government for occupied states These acts took place to provide relief to those affected, and avert any salami TTY of this magnitude from ever breaking out.

Want 2 Transition/ Intro to Body paragraph 2 Not all the terms set in these conferences were into ended entirely to preserve future peace. Some were formed in an effort to penalize t hose who inspired the war. Body 2 Punishment Reparations were again extracted from Germany as penalty for the country’s crime against humanity fines/ industrial capital… (Also ties into peacekeeping) The nation was to be dismembered, disarmed, and demoralized, and their AR ms were to be confiscated.The Nazi party and all its affiliated organization were to be dissolved.

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Nurture erg War Trials would later indict accused war criminals. Conclusion of BP The country was to be made aware that they cannot avoid the retribution they were to face, as they brought it upon themselves. Conclusion Sentence These conferences in some ways eased some countries’ transition from wartime and peacetime and ultimately were crucial players in shaping the PUC miming peacetime following the end of the war.

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