Years on movement

6 June 2017

And as the years go by he gains more knowledge and is slowly transforming into the man he is to become in the future. Through all these stages his hands are his tools, as a child he takes in information by playing using his hands and the material then later on he gains knowledge through work. The importance of movement is that it allows the child to build his muscle development i. e. his fine and gross motor skills; he makes his muscles stronger and allows them to do more work for a longer period of time.

It also builds his physical strength and stamina. It allows the child to store images in is mind and allows him to store his experiences; the child can develop his speech and his understanding. Movement stimulates his senses especially at the early childhood level; the work is designed to draw the child’s attention to the sensory properties 0T tne materlals sucn as slze, texture, color, snape, welgnt, tne sound It makes.

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As he grows he learns to pay more attention and looks at thing more clearly especially small objects or details in the environment that attracts his attention and this allows him to appreciate and learn through the environment and his hands, it lso build his concentration level as he can concentrate on one material for a long period of time and he sort of closes the world at that moment and gives in all his attention to the chosen material.

As he learns o work on his own on the materials whether they are hard or easy, he gains independence as he does not rely on the teacher to be there with him every step of the way, when the teacher encourages the child to move about, allows him to develop and make his skills stronger, and allow him to make mistakes and learn, if a child falls he has to learn to get up himself dust off and carry on doing the activity he does.

He builds up his self confidence through movement he feels that he can achieve what he wants if he Just tries hard and teachers need to motivate them so that they succeed. And builds up his higher self- esteem and with that comes greater ability to take charge if situations and to feel more secure, he develops confidence also through agility, balance and coordination. Development of discipline does not Just occur; it is the teachers or parents Job to show them how to be disciplined.

This can happen only when the child is able to concentrate on an object for a long period of time and is so engrossed in it that he oes not know what is going on around him, this exercise should have a control of error, by engaging in such activities the child relaxes his mind, becomes calm, happy and is very busy this makes the child a disciplined child. Development of will comes after development of concentration and this includes various activities that encourage interaction between child and environment, the child has to make the decision himself and take control of his actions.

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