Yeezus by Kanye West

8 August 2019


There was no doubt in my mind if I was going to write a review on musical album, it would be Yeezus by Kanye West. This masterpiece album dropped June 18th 2013, it is Kanye’s 6th solo album and what I have noticed is every album keeps getting better and better. Yeezus was very different from the rest. Kanye uses primal screams, pixelated out bursts, but also smooth soul and anthmic chorus that my ears and mind enjoyed. Kanye West has many diehard fans that appreciate his music. However, he also has many haters as well that think he’s crazy and arrogant. People need to understand that Kanye West isn’t like any other rapper or artist. This album Yeezus is special because it is balance of his life and also his high-energy anger with confronting us with various stereotypes and issues. I would say Yeezus is his best album since his first album College Drop Out.

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Giving Yezzus an honest review, I have only five songs out of the nine that are my personal favorites. The first song “Bound 2”, which is a single is a song you must have on your I pod because its smooth and unique rhythm with all the sounds in the background while Ye’ (Kanye) is rapping about the love of his life Kim Kardashian. Arguably the best rap song of 2013, “New Slaves”, brings about issues of racial stereotypes. “New Slaves” was very controversial, but it was natural and real it made your head nod agreeing with Ye’s vicious delivery throughout the song. The last 3 songs that I highly recommend from Yeezus are “Black Skinhead”, “On Sight”, and “Blood on the Leaves”. Overall, Yeezus is one of my favorite rap/hip hop albums of 2013 and that being said I give it a 92 out of 100.

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