Yellow by Coldplay

10 October 2019

The opening guitar sequence drifts softly into my ear. I close my eyes, and within the next few seconds, the guitar music transforms into a barrage of what seems to be a million notes, each one playing after another. The music dies down a little as the chorus begins, and I am, for the hundredth time, filled with hope and tears and laughter and dreams for the next four minutes and thirty one seconds.
Yellow is a song that is guaranteed to touch the hearts of many people in many ways. The music is kept soft, but plays on notes with skill and purpose, keeping a tone of love and heart. The initial notes are soft, but there are patterns of sound to keep it worth listening to. The lyrics, while romantic, are flowing and the words are simple, but convey a message that strikes deep chords rather than fall to ignorant ears.

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This song is both for grief and inspiration, and for listeners of any age.
If one ever needs a pick-me-up or just a good cry, this is the song to turn to. Yellow, by Coldplay.

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