Yellow Submarine

9 September 2019

In 1969, the Beatles released “Yellow Submarine” with 13 songs that were a mix of previously released material and new songs.

This record is good. It contains classic Beatles hits, and orchestral pieces by George Martin. Unfortunately, in 1999, “Yellow Submarine” was re-released and remixed and the tracks were significantly re-arranged, with some deleted, and others added. The new version contains 15 songs. As a traditionalist, I am thoroughly disappointed at this befouling of a classic. I see no reason to change a perfectly good collection, and considering the Beatles had been separated for almost 40 years, there was no possibility of new material being added.

I am glad they kept the core songs, but the original album’s ethereal quality is lacking. As the owner of both, I can honestly tell you that old is gold, my friend. Stick with the original and don’t waste your $14.

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