Yellowcard ; Paper Walls

6 June 2019

Are you ready for an album that will blow your mind away? Between the diversity of sounds and lyrics you will get lost. The album Paper Walls, by Yellowcard, has it all and is definitely worth checking out.

Yellowcard is a Click 5 sounding type of band, except no where near as cheesy. They incorporate the sweet high pitched violin into almost all of their songs. Yellowcard is an alternative band. The CD has a nice rhythm and makes you want to relax. All their songs sound original too. You’ll fall in love with every song. Most of their songs are about high school love and breakups, but don’t let that turn you away.

“Dear, Bobbie” is my favorite song, in the beginning an elderly voice is singing and just reflecting on the good times. “Light Up The Sky” has really good lyrics and makes you want to sing along. The song “Five Becomes Four” has a really wicked violin solo. Over all Yellowcard is worth checking out. I’m a really picky person when it comes to music, so if I like, I bet you would too.

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