Yes We Can by Obama

12 December 2017

At this point the audience responds in a shocking way as they are all moved by his words. The effect the illusion has on the audience is that it attracts their attention towards the speech. Throughout the speech Obama refers to famous people such as Lincoln who Is a role model for him. Lincoln had a vision that all “Americans might share the freedom…

” To live life as they wished and hoped that “. Children might climb higher than we should. ” The use of this is to take the audience back into the historical aground and make them realizes that there were many people who fought for the black and white rights.Obama uses Anne to repaint history by talking about her life portrayed In his rule of three. He tells the audience that In Ann.’s time there were “no cars on the road and or planes in the sky..

Yes We Can by Obama Essay Example

. Couldn’t vote for two reasons… ” The effect created of the rule of three is to show how old she was. He also uses a rule of three as he talks about Anne struggling as he states, “heartache and the hope, (pause) the struggle and the progress, (pause) the times we were told we can’t..

. The effect of this upon the reader is to emphasis the historical struggle and how much Anne went through.Obama pauses at points and raises his voice between his words to reflect his point and make It memorable for the audience. Throughout the speech Obama uses emotive language in his historical references and pauses at points as he informs the audience in a lower tone and regret that Anne couldn’t vote because of the “color of her skin” and reveals the “heartache… The struggle and the progress.

.. ” That she went through. The Impression created on he reader Is of despondency for her.Obama pauses and talks In a lower tone to emphasis his message making it memorable. Obama raises his voice and uses emotive language as he talk about women whose voices were “silenced” and their hopes were “dismissed..

. ” The effect of this is for the audience to visualize sad images and feel sympathy for those women. Obama uses assonance in his speech as he states, “women’s voices were silenced… Hopes dismissed..

. ” To emphasis the women’s despair struggle. The effect created on the reader Is to suck the word In theObama uses contrasting ideas to show that at first women had no rights as there was a time when “women’s voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed” but after they had a right as he says that Anne lived to see women “stand up…. Reach for the ballot.

.. ” The effect of contrasting and comparing is to show the difference between the past and present of how things changed from bad to good. Miss we can” is repeated constantly by Obama as a form of repetition by Beam’s keen voice to improve the black and whites quality of life.The effect of repeating, Miss e can” upon the audience is to get the words in their head and urge them to work towards a change. Obama uses personal pronouns as he writes, “our moment..

. Our people… Our kids…

We are one… We can’t, we will… ” To make the speech sound more personal towards the audience and bring a connection between the audience and the speaker.

Obama portrays a higher tone when he says, “we are one” to emphasizes the message about the country being a family, which appeals to their patriotic feelings. The effect of this is to awaken the audience, add force inside them and make them feel a part of the Emily.Obama informs the people of America that there will be doors open for opportunity for “our kids. ” Obama uses emotive language here to engage the reader because everybody cares about their children’s future. Obama combines two techniques together as he calls for action and uses a rule of three as he tells the people of America to “restore prosperity…

Reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth… ” Obama gets louder and louder till the end point of the phase with complete eye contact with the audience and the raise of is finger to show unity.

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