Yolngu Boy

10 October 2016

Boy Caught in a collision between the modern world of rap, football, street cred and the oldest living culture on earth, Lorrpu, Botj and Milika are three Yolngu teenagers who once shared a childhood dream of becoming great hunters together. But things have changed and their paths are diverging. Botj is walking on the wild side, a lost soul in search of a place to belong. Milika is more interested in football and girls than any of the traditional knowledge he is being taught. Only Lorrpu seems to care about the dream any more.

Their paths are diverging, and he is the only one who can see it. When Botj goes too far and ? nds himself on the wrong side of both black and white law, Lorrpu must weigh up his own future against saving his friend. He persuades the boys to trek to Darwin to argue Botj’s case with Dawu, a tribal leader. Leaving behind their community, they journey through the unforgiving wilderness of north–east Arnhem Land to Darwin. To survive, Lorrpu, Milika and Botj must draw on the ancient bush knowledge they were taught as boys and, most importantly, the bonds of their friendship.

Yolngu Boy Essay Example

Yolngu Boy is about the search for identity, making the journey from adolescence to adulthood and the implications of belonging to a larger social group, whether it be a culture, a family or a group of friends 1. In what ways are Lorrpu, Milika and Botj’s sense of identity different? Which character do you relate to the most? Why? * Botj is caught in the con? ict between two very different worlds – the world of his traditional culture and the white man’s world – both with their different laws. He is addicted to sniffing petrol. * Lorrpu believes strongly in the traditional ways of his people.

He looks forward to his upcoming ‘ceremony’, when he will become a man and ? nd his place in his tribe. He is also troubled by his friend Botj’s abandonment of his tribal beliefs. The only thing Lorrpu believes in as strongly as his tribal culture is his bond of friendship with Milika and Botj. * The in? uences forming these identities have varied since they were young. In the ? lm, we see glimpses into each boy’s past, and insights into the forces that have shaped their development. 2. Australia is a country where children from many different cultures live together. Why can it be particularly dif? ult for adolescents who have grown up in one culture, but live among other cultural traditions, to ? nd their identity? Adolescents who have had an upbringing from another country, with the culture and beliefs they carry may be difficult for them to fit in and blend with the new Australian life. 3. Have you or anyone you know experienced a tension between two cultures? No 4. What has been the impact on your/their identity? They feel that they need to adopt the new culture and leave behind their own values and custom beliefs. 5. What aspects of adolescence do you see as challenging?

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