You are What You Eat Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Oreos is a trade name name of one of the most popular sandwich cookies in the universe. It was manufactured and introduced to the universe by Nabisco Corporation ( National Biscuit Company ) . The most recent design of the sandwich cooky is consists of a sweet creamy filling in between two round cocoa cookies. During the first clip it was introduced to the populace. it had sold over four hundred and ninety billion cookies and was awarded the best merchandising cooky of the 20th century. It was in February 1912 when the first Oreo cookies were introduced. Its mark ab initio was the British market who was selling cookies that for the Nabisco were โ€œtoo commonโ€ . There were originally two spirits of Oreos in the market: lemon meringue and pick and these cookies were mound-shaped and non level like those of today. Due to the more demand for the pick flavored cookies. the company decided to halt the production of the lemon flavored one.

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There are many theories refering the history of the name Oreo. One theory says that the name was derived from the Gallic word โ€œorโ€ significance gold. Others say that the name was from the Grecian word โ€œOrosโ€ significance mountain hill picturing the original form of the cookies. Still other theories assert that the โ€œreโ€ from pick was placed in between two Oโ€™s from cocoa.

The industry of these delicate cookies is consists of two phases. First is the production of the bar dough to signifiers of the two cocoa cookies. This dough is molded into their familiar form into a three 100 pes long oven. The cookies ingredients include sugar. Dutch chocolate and pure cocoa spirits.

Due to the popularity of the Oreo cookies. different assortments of them were made by the company.

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These include the ( 1 ) Oreo Wafer Sticks โ€“ long cocoa covered wafer sticks with pick filling ; ( 2 ) Uh-Oh Oreos โ€“ these are termed as reversed Oreo cookies because of the vanilla wafers and cocoa filling ; ( 3 ) Golden Oreos โ€“ pick make fulling sandwiched in vanilla wafers ; and ( 4 ) Mini Oreos โ€“ bite size Oreos which are entire reproduction of the normal size cookies. These are merely few of the plentifulness inventions that the company has done with the Oreo cookies. There are besides the Oreo ice pick and still the other cookies with something new in it.

The original cookies of the Nabisco Corporation were composed of enriched flour ( wheat flour. nicotinic acid. reduced Fe. vitamin B1. mononitrate ( Vitamin B1 ) . Riboflavin ( Vitamin B2 ) . Folic Acid ) . sugar. canola oil and/or thenar oil and/or soya bean oil. maize sirup which is high in fructose. cornflour. salt. baking sodium carbonate. soy lecithin ( emulsifier ) . A functioning size of 30 five gms of Oreos cookies gives a individual one hundred 70 Calories and 60 of that is derived from fat. Based on percent day-to-day values. a functioning size of 30 five gms incorporating 15 pieces per container comprises seven gms of entire fat ( 11 per centum ) . two gm saturated fat ( 10 per centum ) . one hundred 20 mgs Na ( five per centum ) and twenty five gms of entire saccharide ( eight per centum ) . This includes 13 gms of sugars and one gm of protein.

Ingredients of the Oreos Cookies


As a primary ingredient that is used in many nutrients. wheat flour is made from crunching

wheat. It contains equal ratios of starches. substances which are complex saccharides which are besides known as polyoses. Polysaccharides one of the complex saccharides are polymers dwelling of plenty monosaccharose linked by glycosidic bonds ( MW & A ; BC. 2006 ) .

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Therefore. they are big molecules and are frequently ramifying. These molecules are formless and are indissoluble in H2O with no sweet gustatory sensation. These polyoses have a general expression of CN( Hydrogen2O )n-1.


Niacin. which is besides known as Vitamin B3is soluble in H2O. It was discovered in 1937 by Conrad Elvehjem. Vitamin B3is consists of NADH. NAD. and NAD+. These play critical parts in the energy metamorphosis of the cell and DNA fix ( Linus Pauling Institute. 2007 ) . Niacin removes toxic chemicals from the organic structure and acids in the industry of steroid endocrines such as sex endocrines and emphasis related endocrines from the adrenal secretory organ. A sum of 2-12 mgs of niacin per twenty-four hours is recommended for kids. 14 mgs are recommended for adult females. 16 for work forces and 18 for pregnant and breast-feeding adult females. Lack of nicotinic acid in the organic structure can diminish tolerance to colds and slows down metamorphosis. Furthermore. terrible deficiency of nicotinic acid in the organic structure tolerates the happening of Alpine scurvy.
Vitamin b1
Thiamine which is besides known as vitamin B1 and aneurine hydrochloride is a colorless compound which is soluble in H2O and indissoluble in intoxicant. Vitamin B1 decomposes in the presence Ohio heat. Its chemical construction is composed of the pyrimidine and thiazole rings. Thiamineโ€™s roles in the organic structure are included in the metamorphosis of saccharides and fats in order to bring forth energy. This vitamin is critical for normal growing and development and AIDSs in the care of the proper operation of the bosom and the digestive and nervous system. Since vitamin B1 is H2O soluble it could non be absorbed by the organic structure. yet. one time inside the organic structure. vitamin B1 can be found concentrated in the musculus tissues ( Cerner Multum Inc. . 2007 ) .

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Vitamin b2
Riboflavin. normally known as Vitamin B2. is a micronutrient that is easy to be absorbed by the organic structure. Like the other B vitamins. it has besides its critical functions needed in the care of the human organic structure. One of the chief maps of vitamin B2 is on care of the metamorphosis of proteins and fats. Good beginnings of vitamin B2 include milk. cheese. liver. leafy veggies. leguminous plants and soya beans. Riboflavin exposed to visible radiation is easy destroyed.
Folic Acid

Folic acid. signifiers of the H2O soluble Vitamin B9 are of course happening and can be taken as addendums. Folic acid can be found in leafy veggies such as Brassica rapa leafy vegetables. Spinacia oleracea. dried beans. peas and cereal merchandises. They can besides be found in sunflower seeds and other fruits and veggies.
Canola Oil/Palm Oil/Soybean Oil
Canola oil is a assortment of comestible oil. Due to its low saturated fat. canola has been described as healthy oil. Besides. it has high monosaturated oil content and omega-3 fatty acids. On the other manus. thenar oil is another signifier of vegetable oil which is obtained from fruits of the thenar tree. The colour of palm oil is ruddy due to the high sum of betacarotene. Palm oil is fundamentally used as cooking oil and to fabricate oleo. Besides. palm oil is a major constituent degree Fahrenheit processed nutrients. Soybean oil or more normally known as vegetable oil is a really popular type of oil due to its bargain rate. healthful and it is besides used in the devising of soaps and merchandises for the tegument. which makes it a cogent evidence. that is healthy even for the tegument. However. soybean oil does non incorporate much of the concentrated fats and does non incorporate cholesterin. Furthermore. it contains more natural antioxidants which remain in the oil after extraction. This feature of the soybean oil is the 1 that prevents oxidative rancidity.

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Fructose is a type of simple sugar or monosaccharose. This is found in plentifulness of nutrients. Beginnings of fruit sugar are honey. tree fruits. berries. melons. and some root veggies such as Sweet murphies. Beta vulgariss. parsnips and onions. Fructose is the sweetest type of sugar and considered even sweeter than sucrose. It is even recommended for ingestion to people with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycaemia due to its low glycemic index compared to sucrose ( Dolson. 2007 ) .

One of the most of import mineral in the universe today is salt. It is composed chiefly of Na and Cl. The find of salt gives manner to a more tasty nutrient for the worlds and a manner to continue nutrient. Salt is critical to worlds because it helps in the ordinance of H2O fluids in the organic structure ( Linus Pauling Inst. . 2004 ) . However. excessively much ingestion of salt may take to the addition in the hazard of high blood force per unit area.

Baking Soda

Sodium hydrogen carbonate. is a white solid which frequently appears as pulverization. is soluble in H2O. It is one of the constituents of the mineral natron and can be found most dissolved in mineral springs. A procedure called Solvay procedure chiefly prepares NaHCO3. The Solvay procedure includes heating Ca carbonate in a big hollow tower in order for it to let go of C dioxide. ( CaCO3 > CaO + CO2 ) Then. a solution of Na chloride and ammonium hydroxide will be introduced to the tower in order for the C dioxide to bring forth sodium hydrogen carbonate as its precipitate. ( NaCl + NH3 + CO2 + H2O > NaHCO3 + NH4Cl. Then. the Na hydrogen carbonate will be heated for it to bring forth soda ash or Na carbonate due to the release of H2O and C dioxide: 2 NaHCO3 > Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2. ( Helemenstine. 2007 ) .

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Trona. the hydrous Na hydrogen carbonate and an evaporite mineral is the primary beginning of Na hydrogen carbonate. Trona can be found in the Owens Lake. Searles Lake in California. Green River in Utah and the Nile River in Egypt. The largest known Trona sedimentation in the universe can be found in the Green River in Wyoming.

Response to the nutrient

In general. the Oreos cookies exhibit healthy ingredients and that about all of the substances included in the industry and production of the cookies helps chiefly in the care of the human organic structure or sweetening of the metamorphosis. For illustration. the flour used in the industry of the cookies in the sandwich is comprised of vitamins such as vitamin B1. vitamin B2. nicotinic acid and wheat. These ingredients are really indispensable in the wellness of the people who are primary consumers of the sandwich. By making this research. it was discovered that a certain types of minerals like the mineral Trona. It was discovered that even though it is indirectly referred. Trona is a portion of the Oreos cookies. This is because baking sodium carbonate is needed in the industry of the sandwich. The research displayed the importance of holding known the constituents of the nutrient that we eat. Knowing the ingredients of the nutrient that we eat is really of import to guarantee a healthy life style. Though there are plentifulness of nutrient that has risen in the universe today. it is still critical to take the 1s that gives importance to the wellness of the consumers. This nutrient should include ingredients that are of the right sum. Besides. its ingredients should besides be composed of healthy constituents. Components of the ingredients of the nutrient are besides critical because indirectly they are the major constituents of the nutrient that we eat. Oreos. as one of the most popular if non the most popular sandwich cooky in the universe can besides be titled one of the healthiest if non the healthiest sandwich cooky in the universe.


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