You Belong To Me By Mary Higgins

9 September 2017

Clark Essay, Research Paper

You Belong to Me is Mary Higgins Clark & # 8217 ; s 15th novel. It is about a immature clinical psychologist named Dr. Susan Chandler who hosts a wireless talk show. One twenty-four hours the subject of the show is alone adult females who disappear and who are subsequently discovered dead. She brings up one specific instance of a lady named Regina Clausen. Another lady calls in the show and says she might hold some information that might be utile to the instance, but she wants to stay anon. . Dr. Chandler tries to arrage a meeting with her, and she says she will likely non be able to come. That adult female is shoved into a coach the following twenty-four hours and is earnestly injured. The lone informant that saw her get pushed is killed the following twenty-four hours. Dr. Chandler starts following the instance, but every clip she goes to speak to person that might be able to give her some information, they are already dead. In the terminal, Susan is hot on the liquidator & # 8217 ; s trail, but does non recognize that she is traveling to be the following victim. The liquidator turns out to be a cat Susan has been dating. He tries to smother her and leaves her to decease. Another physician friend of Susan & # 8217 ; s has besides been paying attending to the instance though, and he is worried about something go oning to Susan. He finds her in her office before she suffocates, and they are able to hold the constabulary arrest the bad cat before he does any more harm.

& # 8220 ; You Belong

to Me is a brilliant thriller from one of the genre’s all-time greats, Mary Higgins Clark.” ( Book Browser 1 ) Almost all critics had merely good to state about Clark’s work. “No doube many readers have one or more Mary Higgins Clark novels set aside…and non merely because she is one of the most popular large-print book writers or because her heroines ever come out wholly right at the terminal. More likely it’s because her novels autumn into the authoritative Gothic Genre.” ( Hoopes 1 ) Another writer commented, “These inspiring novels will touch each and every heart.” ( Baker 2 ) This was decidedly true of You Belong to Me. “Ms. Clark still has the delicacy to supply her myriad of fans with a top rate reading experience.” ( Book Browser 1 ) One critic commented on Clark’s enigma composing magazine-”To me it seems more geared toward supermarket check-out procedure lines. But I thing it shows how popular enigmas are getting.” ( Detroit News 7 ) “Story thoughts, nevertheless, are one thing Mary Higgins Clark has plenty of.” ( Hoopes 2 )

Mary Higgins Clark has lived an extraordinary life. She made herself into something worthwhile from fundamentally nil, merely because she worked hard for what she wanted. She proved that you can make whatever you want, if you want it bad plenty. Clark decidedly is a symbol of character, esteem, and doggedness, and her best sellers are cogent evidence of it, if non her position as a favourite American writer.

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