You Belong To Me Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

You Belong To Me Essay, Research Paper

You Belong To Me Essay Research Paper Essay Example

Mary Higgins Clark does a great occupation of maintaining the reader in suspense. Mary Higgins Clark introduces many characters that all could me surmise in the offenses she describes in this novel. “ You Belong to Me ” was decidedly one of her best plant.

Dr. Susan Chandler, a clinical psychologist, is researching instances of losing adult females. On her day-to-day talk show, she focuses on the instance of Regina Clausen who disapeared on a sail three old ages earlier. In Regina & # 8217 ; s properties, a turquoise ring with the lettering “ You Belong to Me ” engraved on the interior of the set is found. Carolyn Wells, a spectator, calls the show and says she recieved and indistinguishable turquoise ring from a adult male while on a recent sail. He tried to carry Carolyn to go forth the sail and rejoin it in another metropolis. Carolyn agrees to run into with Dr. Chandler to discourse the turquoise ring. On her manner to run into with Dr. Chandler, Carolyn was pushed in forepart of a new wave. She is earnestly injured and in a coma. Carolyn & # 8217 ; s hubby, Justin, is suspected of seeking to slay her. Dr. Chandler thinks he may besides hold something to make with Regina & # 8217 ; s disappearing.

Soon other people that are related to the instance are cryptically murdered. Hilda Johnson who witnessed Carolyn & # 8217 ; s accident claims it was knowing. Hilda Si murdered after she tells the constabulary her side of the narrative. The following twenty-four hours on Dr. Chandler & # 8217 ; s demo a spectator named Tiffany calls and says her fellow bought her an indistinguishable turquoise ring. She can non retrieve the exact location, but it was a store in Greenwich Village. Tiffany besides mentions that the twenty-four hours she was at that place a crisp appareled adult male came in and bought several turquoise rings. Soon both Tiffany and the store proprietor are viciously stabbed to decease.

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In the interim, Dr. Chandler is dating two people. One is a psychologist and invitee on her show, Dr. Don Richards. The other is a affluent adult male named Alex Wright. Certain facts are introduced about both of these work forces that lead the reader to beleive that one of them may be the liquidator.

As Dr. Chandler gets closer to work outing the instance, she does non recognize the danger she is in. While working tardily one dark, she is hit over the caput by a adult male, Alex Wright. This is the flood tide of the novel because the reader eventually discovers who the slayer is. Alex so admits to the old slayings. He besides reveals the maltreatment he received from his stepmother while turning up. Killing the adult females is a release of fury for him. Alex now wraps Dr. Chandler up in a plastic bag to kill her. She saved herself by cutting the bag on a piece of broken glass. Dr. Chandler solved the instance and saved her life ; she besides put a liquidator in gaol.

“ You Belong to Me ” points out the dangers vulnerable alone adult females face. Mary Higgins & # 8217 ; Clark & # 8217 ; s characters are decidedly credible with the aid of a present twenty-four hours puting in New York. “ You Belong to Me ” is a really cliff-hanging book in which the intent is to chiefly entertain. Mary Higgins Clark creates two apparent struggles in this novel, individual vs. individual and individual vs. ego. The struggle individual vs. individual is evident when Alex is slaying he victims and when Dr. Chandler is working against him to work out the instance. Person vs. ego is a major struggle because his chief marks are adult females who are lonely and have no self-esteem. This struggle is besides shown when Alex reveals the emotional maltreatment his stepmother inflicted on him. “ You Belong to Me ” is a well-written book intended for immature grownups and grownups, it is a must read novel.

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