"You Belong With Me" "Smile" by "Talyor Swift" "Uncle Kracer" "Shrillex"

1 January 2020

In my life, There are have things that are unexplainable. Dancing, surfing, and riding. All of these things relate to my life. They also relate to my favorite songs, and you’ll see why.

Songs relate to my life in alot of ways. “Smile”, by Uncle Kracker relates to my life in so many ways it’s unbelievable. I’m a surfer and an equestrian. Riding waves is like flying. Going through tunnels of waves I smile, not a lot of people can do that without falling or damaging themselves. One part in the song goes “ You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe, shine like gold, buzz like a bee.” when I’m in a wave It would be literally hard to breathe. Without surfing in my life I wouldn’t have a big passion to go out into the ocean and just ride waves. Comopotions make me nervous, to some what calms me down is singing smile. “ You’re better than the best, I’m lucky just to linger in your…” my family thinks it’s hilarious to just sing and surf.

"You Belong With Me" "Smile" by "Talyor Swift" "Uncle Kracer" "Shrillex" Essay Example

Furthermore, it’s the same way about horse-back riding. I can’t breathe when my horse goes over jumps. Since stallions are aren’t always honest, it’s always good to be careful in shows. Every time I show in level four jumpers, still getting the sudden urge to sing smile. One problem in shows though, you cant talk while riding, whispering quietly works to. Another line in the song is “ spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night.” I always have horse shows on Sundays and getting dizzy from jumping over joy or of joy or something. My stallion and my surf board are my life. Without them, would I smile?

“You belong with me,” by Taylor Swift got me to think about descions in my life. I’m glad she sung about it and wrote it too. When Taylor sings, “walking on the streets with you and your worn-out jeans. I can’t help thinking this is how it ought to be, laughing on a park bench. Think to myself, Hey isn’t this easy?” It’s weird because having the same exact experience with my first date, but it was in town not a park. He was wearing worn-out jeans and we were laughing and we did sit on a bench. Thinking the rest of the world didn’t exist It was so easy. Like me and him were the only ones alive. When she sings, “ You belong with me.” Newing I had fallen for him. “And you’ve got that smile that could light up the whole town,” Taylor Swift sings. Yeah, I can laugh but I can’t make everyone, surpisrly he can. I’ve never seen him sad before. Maybe that’s why he lights up everyone’s world.

Shrellix is a type of dance music. There is some singing involved but mostly background music. I’m a professional dancer. Shrellix music got me into dancingg. hearing it play when I was little and started to free style. I don’t have a routine, I just, do it. My instructor is the best you get. I do compations, everything now. Shrellix music is hard to explain. It could be a happy, sad, dangers song, anything. It has its own style. Like me and my dancingg.

Taylor Swift, Uncle Kracker, and Shrellix got me to react to my life, that I didn’t know that was going to happen. Surfing, horse-back riding, relationships and dancingg got me so far in life because of those songs. Songs relate to my life, that are unexplainable. That’s why loveing music is great, so, react to it.

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