You can not just the book by its cover

6 June 2017

You can not just the book by Its cover Reunion by John Cheever is a short story about a son and a father who had not seen one another for 3 years after his mother divorced him. The son looked back to the day where the reunion took place. At the beginning of the story , readers can see the son’s glad feeling with his opportunity meeting his father and his high expectation of his long-time-no-see father.

The reference the son had to his father at he beglnnlng Is the Image ofa noble, rich, marcho businessman with graceful appearance that bring the child to think that he Nvould be something like him” and would take him as his role model. Besides the positive, proud images and expectations of the son about his father can be shown by some expression “my flesh and blood”, “he was a big, good-looking man”. However, as the story go on, the reference to his father are also gradually changing through father’s character during hort time they went through together.

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The father kept making Impression to his son In the wrong way by making himself as an excellent and superior one . For examples, he talked in Italian to waiters in one retaurant intending to show his education level , shouting some impolite words “Master of the hounds! ” and “Tallyhoo” ,which is a word used by huntsmen when spotting a fox. in order to disdain and make a Joke to waiters’ pink Jacket uniform. The image of his father urned out to be so and impolite that his son could not pay respect and admire to him anymore .

The reunion that he wished it would be a great memory to be captured as a nice photo Just continued to be fading from his mind. The son’s voice that readers hardly hear until at the end of the story ,when he was about to leave him and get on the train, can imply the son’s feeeling and what he want to express to his father after he see through him especially the last sentence before their departure “Goodbye, Daddy”

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