You Got Served Soundtrack

6 June 2019

The highly acclaimed boy band B2K has another hit. “B2K Presents … You Got Served” is the soundtrack to the movie “You Got Served,” a movie based on the lives of four discouraged teen boys who love to dance. Like the movie, this album has a lot of tunes that will quickly have you dancing. What I really love about it is that it has R&B, hip hop, pop and a number of other genres. Your typical B2K album only offers R&B, but here you get a little extra. It also features Lil’ Kim, ATL, O’Ryan, Marques Houston and Jhene. This album is the best in my B2K collection. There are many highlights: the up-beat “Take it to the Floor” is an excellent song that has me dancing every time I play it; female rapper Lil’ Kim joins B2K on “Do That Thing,” a blazing hot song that is my favorite. The best song on the album is “The One” by ATL, a catchy ballad that really makes you feel good. Overall, “B2K Presents … You Got Served” is an excellent album. It is not traditional B2K, which makes it even better. This is clearly their best offering to date and is definitely worth buying, especially if you are a true B2K fan!

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