You Have a Friend in Me

8 August 2016

Everyone has friends but every friend is different. You have your friends with families, the “let’s go out every night” friends, and last but not least, your long distant friends. Yes they are all friends but each one lives a different life style and has their own unique personality. They have a special place in your heart through thick and thin. Friends are loving, caring, loyal, and honest. Friend’s seal your deepest darkest secret with a “pinky swear” and a hug. Which type of friend are you?

Friends with families understand the stress and “no extra time right now” situation, because they also have their hands full too. Some are stay at home moms, and some work full-time while their children are in school or daycare. And there are a few who juggle both work and college during the day. There are friends who are divorced, raising children as single mothers. The friends with families are usually very strong hearted, can take on the world, but love to unwind after the kids go to bed to make a phone call, watch television, and enjoy finally having an adult conversation.

You Have a Friend in Me Essay Example

These treats come after a long day chasing children around, going to after school activities, and conquering the dreaded homework assignments sent home by the kid’s teachers. They are there to help out with babysitting when you need them. Also, they are usually going through the same problems with having older parents, young children, job problems, and bills. They can give support, and you can trade ideas with them about how to approach and solve problems because they may have the same problems.

Now let’s look at the friends who want to go out all the time. They find a reason to go out for a cocktail and maybe appetizers almost every night of the week and on weekends. Two dollar Tuesday”, “Thirsty Thursday”, and just because they want to go have a drink and relax. These are the fun friends that you call when you are having a bad day, sitting around bored, or just need to unwind. You know they are only a phone call away and ready to go out as soon as they answer their phone. They are the fun, lively, and carefree, type of friend.

They are ready to listen and talk about any problems that are going on in your life and theirs. They will keep you up-to-date on all the local gossip. Since they are out all the time, they will certainly know who is doing what with whom, when, where, and how. They will always have your back and come running at your beckon call. These friends are entertaining and fun to be around, but many times these friends do not have the level of feeling and commitment that you have with friends with families. Last, but not least, you have your long distance friends.

These friends stay in contact through e-mail, Facebook, Skype, other social networks, school reunions, and an occasional late night phone call. You may not speak on a daily basis, but you still keep each other up-to-date on events that have happened in your life. The main point of contact is usually through social networks. Some news may be tragic and heartbreaking, but most news received is joyous like engagements, pregnancy, and relocating for a new job offer. When you do speak with them on the phone it is always for a long period of time to catch up on all that has been going on in your life.

No matter what, they are still friends even though the distance keeps you from seeing each other as often as you would like. They have the advantage of sharing some earlier events in your life such as attending school in years earlier or growing up together when you both were kids and then moving away. This involves sharing events in your lives that the other two groups may not be a part of, and may not understand or appreciate. This type of friendship means you are not in contact with the person constantly but rather on and off “catching up.

” You are good friends because of the shared memories and past events in your lives. All in all, your true friends are for life, whether near or far. You have different types of friends whether settled down with a husband and children, single mothers, single ready to mingle, and long distant friends. They will always be your friends as long as they are honest, loyal, and caring. Friends are forever until death do us part. Also, referred to as “tombstone buddies. ” They have a special place in your heart. You find that you have many friends, but select ones are your true close friends.

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