You Taught Me Everything

1 January 2019

POnce in everyone’s life there is a time when everything comes crashing down. Imagine a muddy rockslide pounding all around a single person. Every touchy subject sounds like a dramatic sob story which is exactly the opposite of mine. My story is about two best friends that go through hell and only one comes out.

It was about seventh grade when my world was crushed. I had become friends with this boy. We had a unique and awkward friendship. Robert was fun and always a good time. I thought I had a pretty good thing going in middle school. I had an abundant of friends, good grades, and of course I was having fun.

Throughout our relationship I started to notice Robert was not happy. Our phone calls were shortened and our text conversations were nonexistence. There was a strain on our friendship and I was beginning to realize that something was wrong.

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Robert stopped talking to his friends and began distancing himself. I then started to notice that we stopped talking as well. He called me on the night of March 10th and his tone was low and he was talking very slow. Once the phone call ended I went to bed but did not have a good feeling about it.

The next day when I showed up at school something felt off. I noticed that Robert was not there. I went to class anyways. It was first period history when I got pulled out of class. As soon as I was pulled out I knew something was wrong. I was told my mother was here to pick me up and that I should get my things. Once I entered the room and sitting on a couch were two cops, my mom, and a few counselors.

After entering that room my stomach was sick. I was told that Robert had commit suicide. It was a tough time for all of us. I did not understand why and was not accepting it. During the next week everyone was quiet. This was the time to pull together as friends. I learned that when something awful happens it is important to be strong and come together. I have made special bonds with my friends and they have been there for me ever since. Robert gave me a necklace for my birthday and I wear it everyday. I try and only think about the good parts. A tragic story has made me stronger as a person and has opened doors to a more emotional and mature life for me.

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