You Think You're a Comic by Gus Dapperton

12 December 2019

Have you ever wanted to step out of your comfort zone? Want to listen to new music that’s groovy? Well, you should listen to this album. It fun and upbeat with some songs that are emotion and heart-felt. With only four songs it’s something worth listening too.

Gus Dapperton

Brendan Rice, better known by his stage name Gus Dapperton, is an American recording artist and songwriter from Warwick, New York. In 2017 he was featured in Vogue Magazine, preceding his tour of Europe and North America for his music.

“Prune, You Talk Funny”

This song is upbeat and funky. It’s about noticing all the little things you about a person. I’s about the connection between you and the person you love. Mainly about how far he would go. This is personally my favorite song on the album.

“I Have Lost My Pearls”

This song is very gospel and groovy at the same time. It’s about how you shouldn’t be a phony lover, but how you should protect her with all your heart. It goes in depth with amazing lyrics about your love should be pure for the sake of her. How delicate love can be as well as she. Mainly this song expresses his emotion toward how you should feel about a loved one.

“Amadelle With Love”

This song is very catchy. Amazing beat and very funky. You could easily dance to this. It’s about how his relationship fell out of love and how they are blaming each other. How close they used to bed but also who they were. It’s for sure another favorite of mine from this album.

“Beyond Amends”

This song uses a soft piano and its very heart-felt. Shows a lot emotion through the lyrics and beat. It’s a little slower than the rest of the songs in this album. But it’s defiantly something to listen too. Very good for a rainy day.


This album captures all the effects of love. The ups and downs and how you can fall in love and get a broken heart. It symbolizes all the emotions you can go through. Fron the title of this album to the last song, it’s all very catchy and modern. Also, funky and groovy. I recommend giving this album a listen too.

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