Young Americans And The Role They Play

10 October 2017

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Ever since the United States decided to hold a president, there has ever been controversy on how to elect the right leader of our state. We will be looking at the makings such as: achievements, experiences in instruction, authorities, military, political and universe positions, and character needed in a individual to be the best leader possible to stand for this state.

What makings should be used in electing a president? There are many makings that should be met in order to be elected the president. He/she must hold a good educational background, show grounds of achievements, experience in authorities and military, policy expertness, and he/she must hold good character.

Accomplishments and experience are two of import makings to look for in a presidential campaigner. He/she must hold a good educational background to be able to take our whole state. Everyday he/she would be confronting legion jobs and obstructions.

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Young Americans And The Role They Play
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The president must cognize the smartest thing to make in every state of affairs. They must cognize the difference between declarations that last short sums of clip and 1s that will go on to assist our state far into the hereafter. A presidential campaigner must besides demo grounds of achievements throughout their life and most significantly have experience in the authorities. Experience in military is besides a large advantage in a campaigner. They & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds have knowledge and experience in state of affairss of war if it were to originate. These accomplishments in a president would greatly help him/her to make a better occupation running the state.

Probably the most controversial quality a president could hold would hold to be his/her political positions on our state, along with the function it plays with the remainder of the universe. When a campaigner speaks about how he/she is traveling to alter the state, the

audience can do or interrupt the campaigner. Even though there is traveling to be some people that don & # 8217 ; t agree with what the president says, the bulk of the people agree on certain issues that the president focuses on. The campaigner should hold cognition on what the public wants and their sentiments on the universe, but should besides maintain their positions as near to their ain as possible. Along with concentrating on our ain state & # 8217 ; s jobs he/she must besides concentrate on what is traveling on around the universe and how it will or may impact our ain state. The candidat

vitamin E must be able to convert the populace that he/she can decide our countryโ€™s jobs and better it in any manner possible.

Even though character may non be the most of import quality the citizens of this state have made electing a president into a popularity competition. What truly should number though is the campaigner & # 8217 ; s true character instead than how the public perceives him/her. So how would you cognize a campaigner & # 8217 ; s true character without really cognizing them personally? I feel the best opinion of character comes from cognition of their yesteryear. Some good things to aide you with this cognition would be how the campaigner did in school, what they did with their lives, how they get along with household members and friends, and their willingness to assist others. Fictional character to me is the qualities that make up a individual, good and bad. If a individual inspires to go president his/her character should dwell of many good qualities. A leader should be honest, caring but besides rigorous, loyal, he/she must put a good illustration for people to follow, aspiration and desire to better our state in any manner possible, and he/she must be moral and ethical. Those are merely a few features needed in a individual if they are to do a good president. For illustration, our current president Clinton, in my sentiment has been a good 1. He has done many things to better our state and as president for eight old ages he & # 8217 ; s gotten a batch done. However as a consequence of some bad character picks he is likely disliked by most of the populace and will be looked back at as a gag to our state. Good character is an of import value and it should play a portion in the elector & # 8217 ; s determination. Though it shouldn & # 8217 ; t be the determinant factor.

The subjects I & # 8217 ; ve discussed in this paper are all really of import factors in finding who the best president would be, but in my sentiment the most of import issue to establish our determination on is how the campaigner feels about political issues confronting our state. This is the topic we should be establishing most of our determination on, non who & # 8217 ; s the most popular. Most significantly we need to cognize and hold faith that the individual whom we elect to be president will be the right pick. Hopefully we choose the 1 that will do the right determinations to better our state and do it a better topographic point. Sometimes you have to look at non merely the character of the campaigners but besides the character of the people who are electing our president.

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