Young and Middle Adulthood

6 June 2016

Michael is 45 years old, and is considered to be in his middle adulthood stage. In this stage in life he will experience changes in physical strength, reaction time, loss of hearing, and a few health changes.

Young and Middle Adulthood Essay Example

These issues might develop earlier than usual since this man does not care about his physical health or appearance. Michael spent 20 years of his life as an attorney and is now a mentor for troubled male youths. He is dating a 45 year old woman who has 3 adult children of her own. Michael has no children of his own but does not seem to mind surrounding himself around them.

Maybe he wants kids but never had the opportunity to have any. He has insecurities with his relationship with Tina, his girlfriend, and he would like to take their relationship to the next level but is unsure Tina feels the same. It seems like maybe Michael has had commitment issues over the years, drowning himself in work and helping others. Michael is 200 pounds overweight, and his girlfriend is the complete opposite, she likes to go to the gym and spends up to 4 hours at a time, there.

He has no interest in going to the gym, but Michael and Tina seem to get a long pretty well, despite the limited time they get to spend with one another, and Michael and Tina do not live together. Michael’s girlfriend vowed to be celibate until she remarries and Michael respects that. Michael fears that Tina is emotionally unavailable, which can also be a reason why he stays so strongly connected to his friends and minister at his church.

Taylor is Michael’s 37 year old sister who is HIV positive due to a blood transfusion gone awry. She lives with him and does not work but cooks and cleans for him, buying the food he enjoys which is high in fat and calories. This is not good for Michael seeing how his doctor has informed him of this being a high health risk due to the family history of cancer. She lives an unsafe lifestyle, not taking the proper precautions while having sex with men.

Michael does not agree with her lifestyle and tries to express his concern but Taylor does not listen. Michael should express his concern about her careless lifestyle a little more stern and often. Taylor, Michael’s sister should be a little more open to what her brother has to say. Living HIV positive and being unsafely sexually active is very dangerous, she is putting other people at risk of getting sick. HIV is not a curable disease.

Maybe Michael should gather more information about the disease and inform his sister of the dangers of her actions because maybe she just lacks the right knowledge of her disease. Taylor, enables her brother Michael, to live an unhealthy lifestyle as well, by cooking high-fat, high-calorie meals for him. Michael’s doctor diagnosed him with high blood pressure, which is quite common in 40 percent of adults his age. Knowing their family history, Taylor should try and have a little more concern for her brother’s health.

Michael is trying to get healthier, he is taking medication for his high blood pressure, and cutting back on the foods he enjoys most, which is a good start, but exercise would also aide in the minimization of health risks as he gets older. Maybe if Michael’s girlfriend, Tina would express her concern about his health, he might be a little more inclined to becoming physically active and start exercising regularly and it might help him notice his girlfriend’s improvement in their emotional connection.

“It is apparent that being infected with HIV is associated with chronic immune activation and that this is reduced when viral loads are suppressed with highly active antiretroviral therapy” (HIV disease: fallout from a mucosal catastrophe? (2006, March). Nature Immunology, 7(3), 236.). Michael seems to be a push over. He enables his sister to live a careless lifestyle and allows her to live in his home and does not show concern about her not working. He has issues with his girlfriend but does not address his obvious concerns about Tina’s lack of emotional connection.

Michael may have a communication issue with family, he seems to be very open around his friends and minister but lacks the assertiveness needed to address other personal problems he faces. In a sense, it is less stress upon his life but in the long run, he will get nowhere.

References HIV disease: fallout from a mucosal catastrophe? (2006, March). Nature Immunology, 7(3), 236. Zastrow, C. H. (2010). Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment (8th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

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