Young people cannot teach old generation anything

8 August 2016

V. I. Lenin said that “Learn, learn more and more”. It means that people should study incessantly in spire of their age. Therefore, old people also need to learn more knowledge. They can learn from books, their predecessor, or even from their offsprings. However, there is a statement that only old people teach the young and there is no the opposite direction. In my opinion, it is a bad attitude for several reasons which will be discuss on the following parts of this essay.

Firstly, in education, for a long time, people have believed that young people were taught by their old generation because they have much more knowledge, which is from their experience day after day. However, today is different from the past. In some aspects, old people maynot know as much as younger people. A good example of this case is my uncle, Dr. He. He is a doctor of National Academy of Public Administration in Ho Chi Minh City. He is teaching classes which include government officials, who are older than him. Although my uncle is younger, they still respect him and learn from him lots of things.

Secondly, in daily life, young people can teach older generation many things that they donot know or know a little. An excellent example of this is technology. Nowadays, information technology is devoloping on over the world. Devices with high technology such as computer, laptop, smart phone and so on, have invented recently. Old generation cannot know how to use these things if they donot have their younger generation to teach them. Because the young will be people who have more chances to learn and use these modern devices than the older do.

Hence, they can help their old generation to use them. Furthermore, not only do old people know a little about modern devices but also they donot know much about internet. In the past, our parents’ generation communicated with each other by letters, or get information though newspaper and radio. Different from them, younger people, today, can communicate and get information quickly by using internet. Therefore, old people need help from their younger generation in order to know how to do everything with internet or know about the late technologies. Finally, old generation can learn thoughts, attitudes about modern society from young people. Young generation were born in a devoloping era of the world. They are more creative and imaginative. Unlike old people, they donot follow some rules that they had before, they create new ones. Moreover, in this century of integration and globalization, young people are learning something new from the outside. However, they donot lose their country traditional values. They know how to combine modernity and tradition. Hence, old generation should learn this attitude from the young. They shouldnot always keep their outdated attitudes.

When old people accept new things, they will live easily and get on well with their young generation. That is one more thing which young people can teach their old. In conclusion, different generations can learn many things from each other. It isnot true when people believe that young people cannot teach old generation anything. Not only in education but also in people’s daily life, the old can learn something good from their offsprings. In return, young people should help their old generation. As a rerult, people will understand more about each other and live together happily. Word-count: 560

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