Your Are Required to Identify Two Specific Performance Management Issues. These Issues Relate to the Performance Management Process and Link Performance Management to Strategic Planning in Your Organisations.

3 March 2017

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Your Are Required to Identify Two Specific Performance Management Issues. These Issues Relate to the Performance Management Process and Link Performance Management to Strategic Planning in Your Organisations. Essay Example

Linking to the strategic plan6 How can it be improved? 7 Benefit to the organisation8 Recommendation9 Conclusion9 References10 Executive Summary Within this organisation there are two clear performance issues, they being the current performance appraisal system and lack of adequate staff development. Performance management system once properly instituted is critical to the success of all organisations. The development and use of this system should not be done in isolation, but be effectively linked to the organisation’s overall strategic goals. If done correctly, it is an uncomplicated way of getting good results.

In today’s challenging environment, organisations must become more strategically focused if they expect to be successful. This is done by effectively communicating the organisation’s mission, vision, core values and strategies to all members of the organisation. Introduction An organisation is only as good as the people who work there. Additionally if an organisation is to move forward it must insist on ensuring that there is a performance management system in place. Within my organisation, there are several performance management issues which need to be addressed to help my organisation gain a competitive advantage.

Two performance management issues which can easily be identifies are 1. Performance appraisal system – this is conducted only once per year and is done solely because it is the basis on which one obtains increment on salary. This is conducted by one’s immediate supervisor without prior consultation. 2. Staff development – the minimum academic qualification for the job is a first degree in the particular subject area taught along with the required teacher’s diploma. The Ministry of Education employs persons with a minimum of Advanced level qualification and makes no demands on them to upgrade themselves.

It is incumbent on the individual to upgrade their qualification as well as to seek out all necessary training to enhance their performance on the job. Within this organization there exists no formal performance management system. This is limited to the aforementioned performance appraisal. The Organization The institution opened its doors in 1984 as a 3 year catering for 1100 student between the ages of 11-14 years, 65 teachers, 1 Principal and 1 Vice Principal. 12 years later we now cater for 1200 students ranging in age from 11+ to 20 years.

There are now approximately 67 teachers, with 1 principal and 2 vice principals. Among the 67 teachers there is a middle management team consisting of 5 Heads of Department (HOD) and 6 Deans. Additionally there is approximately, 20 additional staff making up the office, labs and library and 10 persons in charge of security and cleaning. Current performance management system In order to fully understand the extend of the existing performance management system currently in this organization an analysis of what exist will be done under the umbrella of the performance management process. The Prerequisite.

According to Aguinis 2009 pg 31 a knowledge of one’s mission and strategic goal which is as result of a strategic plan, as well as knowledge of one’s job are key in the performance management process. As it exists now in my organization there is a mission and vision statement which is displayed in the foyer on letter size paper. Many members of staff are aware of their existence but unaware of it intent. The current appraisal system is not aligned to any part of the mission or the vision statement and any staff development done is usually mandated by the Ministry of Education which often does not address the needs of the school.

On a positive note, teachers are fully aware of their job but often do not comply with some aspects of it. For example one of the duties of the teacher as per their job description is maintaining discipline in the classroom, but because of lack of development in this area many of them walk out of the class and demand that the problem be addressed by the dean or the vice principals. This results in loss of teaching time which ultimately affects the performance of the school as a whole. Performance planning

The job analysis was done by the Ministry of Education with no input from the teachers and a job description produced and sent to the school. There are few teachers who have availed themselves of their job description but simply does ‘what is right in their eyes’. Within recent times the organization has implemented HODs whose job it is to ensure that teacher are doing what they should. It is a relatively new position so there are some teething problems. Performance execution There are scheduled department meetings but this is limited to ensuring that schemes of works are prepared and handed in as well as preparation for term examinations.

Performance assessment This is a one sided affair where the person being assessed is required to fill in the basic information at the front of the form. Their immediate supervisor will then award either a 1 – 3 grade on a 5 point scale, 1 being the best and 5 being the lowest. A directive from the school supervisor indicated that no teacher should be awarded more than four 1’s regardless of their performance. There is no appraisal meeting to discuss performance. Performance review There are no performance review meetings to gain feedback from the teachers. Performance renewal and re-contracting

This is non-existent in our organization. Linking to the strategic plan About 5 years ago it was decided that the school needed a strategic plan in order to move forward as an institution. A committee of approximately 5 persons from various departments were selected to meet to develop a mission, vision and core values for the school. Additionally a teacher was assigned the task of developing the strategic plan for the entire school. The mission, vision and core values were created but they became the best kept secret in the organisation since it was never properly communicated to the stakeholders in the institution.

The strategic plan is still up in the air since no one knows whether it was completed or not. In essence it is clear that my organisation does not have a strategic plan but there is access to the mission, vision and core values which is the beginning stage of a strategic plan although they are not properly communicated. There exists also a school board appointed by the Ministry of Education whose duties are to assist the administration of the school. Additionally they assist in the development of the school’s strategic plan as well as to upkeep the physical infrastructure.

This board is installed for a 3 year period and this is the second 3 year period and to date there is no hint of a strategic plan. Based on the explanation of the extent of the performance management in the organisation and the fact that there is no strategic plan, there is essentially no linking of the two. The current appraisal system in no way speaks to the current mission and vision or core values. Departments meet as per timetable schedule but their planning for the term with respect to the goals and objective of the department is separate and apart from the mission and vision.

Every HOD is doing what is best for their department without thinking about its impact on the overall organisation. How can it be improved? In the first instant it is imperative that a strategic plan for the organisation be established. This may mean revisiting the mission and vision. Prior to this some dialogue with the Ministry of Education should be established in order to align the school’s strategic plan with that of the ministry’s. Essentially this will ensure that all training as it relates to staff development done by the ministry would only redound to the benefit of the organisation.

The school as an organisation should also suggest to the Ministry of Education that the current system of appraisal does not in any way link with the KSA’s of the teacher. However since the school has no control over the KSA’s of the teacher since they are hired by the Ministry of Education, it is up to the department or school to develop that individual through any of the following means: 1. Coaching 2. Orientation sessions to ensure that they have a clear knowledge of the organisation. 3. Working in team to enhance creativity which leads to improved results 4.

Having workshops and seminars within department to communicate long term and short term goals 5. Developing a system of reward Additionally this must not be done in isolation but be effectively communicated to all individuals and get buy-in from them for this change since it would impact on the entire organisation. By allowing everyone in the organization to take ownership of the strategic plan and bring their own special “spin” to it, it makes it much more likely that they will be willing to ensure its success.

The administration of the school should then impress upon each HOD to set up their own mission, vision, core values and strategies for their department which is duly links to the organisations. Persons in charge of the various personnel on the compound should also do the same to ensure that all persons are on the same page as it relates to organisational mission, vision, core values and strategies. To ensure that it cascades down to all so we can become like the cleaner in NASA who in 1961 while he was cleaning the floor he indicated to the President Kennedy that he was doing his part to send a man to the moon.

This could be done effectively by:- 1. Sharing the relevant strategies with each department 2. Allowing departments to enumerate how they are supporting the overall strategies. There is the need also to revisit the present form of performance appraisal and input a performance management system. Benefit to the organisation 1. Effective delivery of organisational goals and objectives throughout the entire organisation. 2. Increase employee motivation, commitment and satisfaction 3. Give an opportunity to recognise and manage individual training and developmental needs. 4. Create transparency on the entire performance management process. 5.

Ensuring measurement of the right thing not the generic form which currently exists. 6. The aforementioned benefits can position the organisation as the institution of choice for both students and teachers and make it a real competitor among those schools that are deemed prestigious. Recommendation In light of the above discussion I hereby make the following recommendations that the organisations: 1. Develop a strategic management plan which is aligned to the management plan of the ministry of education 2. Change the current performance appraisal form which does not adequately address the strides made due to training and development.

Conclusion The overall vision of the ministry of education is simple but effective, ‘excellence in education’ and it is imperative that all institutions under the umbrella of this ministry should have their strategic plan as well as their mission and vision ultimately aligned to this vision. Excellence of organisational performance is only achieved and maintained where there are systems aligning the efforts of individual employees with the objectives of the organisation References Aguinis, H,. (2009) Performance Management. Pearon, Prentiss Hall. 2nd Edition

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