Your Arsenal

6 June 2019

Morrissey, a British pop singer, has made his claim to fame with four solo albums since his separation from his former group, The Smiths. The slightly strange profoundness of Morrissey’s latest release, “Your Arsenal,” may prove it to be his best yet.

The ten all-new songs on the album range from the rhythmic rock tunes, “You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side” and “Glamorous Glue,” to the slow and somber “We’ll Let You Know” and “Seasick, Yet Still Docked.” The complexity and political undertones in the lyrics of “The National Front Disco” make it one of the most interesting on the album. “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful” will really make you want to sing along as Morrissey breaks into a fit of laughter in the lyrics.

Every song on the album is a masterpiece of originality. Morrissey will make you laugh, cry, depress you and enchant you.

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If you like British music or just appreciate an artist with a uniquely talented voice, Morrisse”s “Your Arsenal” is definitely worth listening to. n

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