Your Future Is in Your Hand

1 January 2017

The Future is in your Hands High school life and college life both have their advantages and disadvantages. A student will have major changes in his or her responsibilities, freedoms, and teachers. These changes are what shape a teenager into an adult. After high school has gone and past, college begins and everything changes. Positive or negative affects can come out of this transition depending on how the person deals with them. Students in high school have less the responsibilities because most students are still living at home.

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Your Future Is in Your Hand
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In most circumstances, the parents or whoever the student lives with will help take care of him or her. They remind the student to do their homework, go to work, and help them out with everyday things like doing laundry or fixing meals. The parents also help pay the car payment along with many other things, including shampoo, toothpaste, clothes, gas and food. Many Read Full Essay parents give their children an allowance for the chores they do. While attending high school, students may not have all that much freedom. They usually have a curfew they have to follow, and are uppose to obey their parent’s rules because they are still living under the parent’s roof. Students can not do as they please.

They can not stay up all hours of the night or go on crazy trips with friends, unless their parents agree to it. When a student turns eighteen, it is difficult to take orders and not be able to be in charge of one’s own life. The teachers in high school differ; some are strict while others our more laid back. They may decide to have a lesson one day or gossip all class period. They also tend to have teacher pets, or those who suck up to the teacher.

Most teachers will try and help the student any way they can. High school students are also required to let a student make up their homework/tests if they have an accused absence. All in all, high school is not hard to pass. Many students move away from home to attend college. This is a major transition for most students. A student loses the comfort from their family that they would normally receive everyday. Mom and Dad are not there constantly reminding one to do their homework, get ready for work, or pick up after them. They stop giving them as much money and doing their laundry.

The student is now responsible for eating meals on their own, getting enough sleep, getting out of bed to attend classes, cleaning up after themselves, and everything else that goes along with living without one’s parents. The student is responsible for whether not they fail in the real world. Freedom takes in a whole new meaning in college. Students can do whatever they want. They have the freedom to get plastered the night before a big test or stud for it. They can stay up all hours of the night, and go to Waffle House at three o’clock in the morning if they choose to do so. They do not have to cater to their parent’s every whim.

Students do not have to ask their parents if they can go somewhere, they can just go. The feeling of being in char of one’s own actions is liberating. Although, young adults having all the freedom they want is not always the best thing, there is room for many stupid mistakes. College teachers are blunt. They do not allow immaturity or laziness. If a student misses class and does not turn in his or her work, it is their own problem. The teachers treat students like adults, if they are willing to work, grand, if not, do not waste their time. They our there to teach, not baby-sit.

If a student is failing, it is not the teacher or professor’s responsibility to force them to go to class. There are aspects of high school and college hat have distinctive differences. A student’s freedoms, responsibilities, and teachers change drastically in their transition form high school to college. A student has the choice to dope and act like an adult or hole on to the mentality of a teenager. The transition can be an astonishing experience or it can have a negative affect on one’s future. It is different with each student mentally and emotionally.

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