Your Planet by Young Ejecta

7 July 2019

This month, Young Ejecta, a synthpop duo of Leanne Macomber and Joel Ford, have just ejected out another great single from their upcoming release The Planet, the follow-up to their 2013 full-length ten-song debut Dominae. The title track, called “Your Planet”, is the second single issued from the mini-record/EP, with “Welcome To Love” as the lead single of the album. Like “Welcome To Love”, “Your Planet” is a song from these two people well-worth listening to.

Macomber’s songwriting and breathy voice is beautiful as ever here, though she doesn’t sing for the majority of the song. What we mostly get is a catchy-as-heck dream-pop disco jam with 1970s-influenced four-on-the-floor percussion, second-half-duple video game blips, a sick bubbly bass line and dreamy synth pads, synth, or sampled, choirs and euro-synth leads. Even though it seems to drag a little bit, it’s that kind of drag that no one would ever want to stop dancing to. Check it out, and be sure to get The Planet on January 27, 2015.

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