You're Awful, I Love You by Ludo

10 October 2019

You’re Awful, I Love You is the second album from Ludo, an Alternative rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. Members consist of Andrew Volpe (guitar and vocals), Tim Ferrell (guitar), Tim Convy (keyboard), and Matt Palermo (drums).

The first single off the album is “Love Me Dead”, which is the song that really got me interested in the band. So I purchased the album and all of the songs are quite intriguing. The allegory and metaphor used in the lyrics, all of which are written by the band, add to the mystic. They have an interesting sound. On this album, there seems to be a sort of sailor-esk theme about a few of the tracks. From songs like “Drunken Lament” and “Mutiny Below” to “Love Me Dead” and “Go-Getter Greg” there are little things that make you laugh; such as lines like “I haven’t seen you at the pool since the barbeque… not that I’ve been checking”(from “Go-Getter Greg”) and “Your hideous… and sexy!” (from “Love Me Dead”). They also have their serious side, shown in their ‘love songs’: “The Horror of Our Love”, “In Space”, and “Streetlights”.

You're Awful, I Love You by Ludo Essay Example

The combination of keyboards, guitars, vocals, and drums creates an interesting array of sounds that is rather pleasing to the ears. If you don’t believe me check out the album or any of their others: Ludo (which is their self-titled debut) and Broken Bride (a rock opera they wrote).

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