Yours Truly by Ariana Grande

As an avid music fan with over 2,000 songs in my iTunes library, it takes a lot for me to dub a particular artist “the one.” Time and time again, I have found singers who seem to fill the title of favorite, but then something they do or write turns me away (thanks for crushing my childhood, Miley). But Ariana Grande has yet to disappoint me. Her manifesting love of fans, and new album, “Yours Truly,” only make me love her more. It came as no surprise when I saw her tweet that her debut album had reached number one in over 30 countries. I played the minute-and-a-half previews on repeat for weeks prior to its release, trying to learn all the words.

I can’t get enough of the old-school R sound of this soulful, Mariah Carey-esque singer; the fact that Grande is only 20 amazes me. Her dedication to bringing back the sound of past generations is inspiring and gives me hope for young musicians in the industry. It seems as though dubstep isn’t the only ingredient necessary to make a hit, after all, even though electronic sounds are used in the last track, “Better Left Unsaid.”

When looking for a pop song that you’d expect to hear on the radio, try “The Way” or “Popular Song” (feat. MIKA), the former being the first “Yours Truly” single. But those aren’t the only upbeat jams. Some others are “Baby I,” “Right There” (feat. Big Sean), “Piano,” and “You’ll Never Know.”

Although Grande collaborates with many popular artists, my favorite duet has to be with The Wanted member, Nathan Sykes, for “Almost Is Never Enough.” The power of Grande’s voice is really shown as she hits notes most singers only dream of, with Sykes’ accompaniment strengthening the performance. This is one of the most well-delivered love songs I have ever heard.

“Yours Truly” is an album with the general theme of love. The only song not following that is “Popular Song.” But it’s the perfect fit for this debut artist who seems like quite the hopeless romantic. Grande ultimately wants to express her love for her supporters (which she calls “Arianators”) in this album, often acknowledging that it is because of them that she has acquired such success. So this review is expressing my love for her in return. Thank you, Ariana, for standing out from the crowd and proving that there is talent in the next generation of singers.

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