To what extent is youth violence, crimes and antl-social behaviour linked to youths binge drlnklng_ Binge drinking can be defined as an excessive consumption of alcohol within a short period of time to get drunk. This essay will focus on how youth violence, crime and anti-social behaviour is linked to youths binge drinking. It is widely known that the youths in United Kingdom start drinking at an early stage of their lives. Talbot and Crabbe (n. d. ) state that “government statistics suggest that… the amount of alcohol consumed by younger adolescents aged 11-13 continues to limb. underage drinking is linked to binge drinking as youths are not mature and responsible enough to think of the consequences. BBC News (2003) mentioned that “A study published last year found that up to a quarter of 13 and 14-year-olds In the uK claimed to have “downed” at least five alcoholic drinks In a single session. ” This topic is worthy of discussion as statistic suggests that a lot of young people are affected by binge drinking and therefore potentially affected by effects of it. Binge drinking Is risky and youths should understand the danger of it.

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Firstly, how youth violence, crimes and antl-social behaviour are caused by binge drinking will be presented, and then other causes of these problems will be discussed. The influence of alcohol can affect an individual’s control over thoughts, emotions and actions. Excessive amount of alcohol could cause one to lose control mentally and physically when provoked which would result in fights occurring as an act of impulse. Ward (2008) reports that “half of young people said they had been involved in fighting, violence and aggression as a result of drinking”.

Some may feel that fghts ccur due to personality Issues rather than the Influence of excessive alcohol consumption. From this report, It can be argued that personality does play a huge role in fights happening but being drunk would increase the number of youth violence occurring. Other than youth violence, binge drinking causes antl-soclal behaviour as well. WHO (2006) mentions that anti-social personalitydisorder is a circumstance caused by heavy drinking. Youths that are hooked to binge drinking would eventually lack proper social skills as alcohol affects how the brain functions.

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Without being able to andle themselves appropriately In the state of Intoxication. miscommunications are likely to take place. The inability tocommunicate will lead to youths being mistaken as offensive or difficult Individuals. An article by Drink Aware (n. d. ) mentions that “Drinking heavily can also affect your relationships with your partner, family and friends. It can Impact on your performance at work”. This highlights the fact that heavy drinking affects social lives and also causes an individual to be inefficient. Some youths seek the thrill in consuming excessive alcohol In giving them courage to commit crimes.

Alcohol Influences young people to take risks and make wrong decisions. An example of this behaviour is of Adam Swelling, Stephen Sorton and IOF4 Newlove was murdered outside his home by these teenagers after a seven hour session of binge drinking. The gang was triggered to kick Newlove to death as he confronted them when they were vandalizing his wife’s car. Three of them are sentenced to prison with minimum sentence of 12 years. Other than teenagers being the culprits, some may also be the victims. Robertson (2007) reports that young people drinking in public increases the chances of crime victimization for hemselves.

Teenagers under the influence of alcohol will be the easy targets of pick pockets and robbers as their reaction and Judgement will be impaired. In addition, heavy drinking increases great sexual irresponsibility. The influence of alcohol makes it difficult for youths to guard themselves upon sexual acts or control sexual temptations. According to The Guardian, a study shows that many young people do not understand the consequences of binge drinking and also states that “this explains the far higher rates of teenage alcohol-related accidents and unprotected sex in this country’ (Smithers, 2009).

It is also known that regretful sexual activity is a leverage of youths heavy drinking. An article by The Christian Institute (2011) expresses the concern of youths engaging in alcohol-fuelled sex. The article states that “those binge drinking three or more times a week were over five times more likely than non-binge drinkers to have had sex they regretted following alcohol”. It was also suggested that it is time for ministers should have a stricter attitude towards youths binge drinking. The article goes on to declare that the government has failed to control the issue of youths misusing alcohol.

Having considered all of the points above, there are arguments about youth violence, crime and anti-social behaviour not relating to binge drinking. It is common for youths to go through a rebellious phase. During the stage of rebellion, crimes will be committed due to peer pressure or low family income. A report by Taylor (2003) claims that street robberies were urged on by the fear of youths being left out and bullied. This suggests that young people are very affected by how they are perceived in the eyes of other individuals which instigate them to commit crime.

A research by Jacobson and Kirby (2012) mentions that lack of discipline was evidently the root to youth crimes. The research also mentions that boredom as well as inaccessibility to practical activities is contribution to youth crime. Schools are able to help prevent youth crime by having extra curriculum activities; such as sport involvements and foreign language learning classes. Violent family background influences youth to adopt violent tendencies. The bringing up of an individual contributes to how violent a young person can be.

Without parents setting good examples of releasing frustration can influence their children to e exactly like them. Youth fights occurs in schools and public places even without the influence of alcohol. Without the ability in controlling frustrations, any individual would resort to violence as an outlet of releasing anger. Another influence on youth violence is caused by video games. Too much action or fight video games may cause teenagers to re-enact the aggressiveness displayed on screen in real life. Daily Mail link between a sustained period of playing violent games and subsequent increases in hostile behavior”.

It is also reported in the same article that a Norwegian named Anders Breivik trained himself to murder 77 people by playing a video game called Call Of Duty. This suggests that violent video games may not be suitable and ideal for young people as it sends out the unintended and inappropriate message of dealing with conflicts and anger. Despite all the negative issues of young people mentioned, there are still responsible youths who know their drinking limits and are able to take care of drunken friends. An example is an article by Robertson (n. d. that expresses the feelings and experiences of teenagers towards binge drinking. Alex Wilby who is a 19-year-old elesales worker claims that he is cautious about how much he drinks as his health is involved. The article also mentions there are teenagers that knows the seriousness of binge drinking and suggests that highlighting issue as well as understanding drinking limits is essential for other youths. All things considered, binge drinking does increase the rate of youth violence, crime and anti-social behaviour. Having that said, these problems of youth are still occurring without any influence of alcohol.

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