Many music fans may have thought Dave Mustaine’s career was finished when he was fired from Metallica back in 1985, but he bounced back with a new band, Megadeth. Megadeth, made up of Mustaine, guitarist and singer, Marty Friedman, lead guitarist, Nick Menza, drummer and bass player David Ellefson, recently released their new album, “Youthanasia.” The album is their latest since “Countdown to Extinction,” their 1992 record that sold in the millions. Megadeth is not just any heavy metal band, because of their all-too-meaningful songs. Dave Mustaine’s dark, angry lyrics usually foresee things such as Armageddon, nuclear war, and judgment day, which he seems certain are on their way. The album is full of classic metallic-sounding songs, such as “Reckoning Day” and “Blood of Heroes,” but also explores softer melodies on “A Tout Le Monde” and “Addicted to Chaos.” This new album is a must for Megadeth fans, and will probably attract others to the band and its dark style

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