This short story proves the prominent theme as tragedies in youth by Bobby going through the tragedy of his brother and moving forward with his life instead of mourning over Pauline. The Last Stop,” by Jenny Helper, is an example of unknown tragedies that happen to the youth and we are able to this because the main character in this story does not know that their father is running away from the law. The main character is unknown, but the author does tell us that the character is with their Dad. Also, we know that the main character is thirteen and that this character has been eating Jolly Ranchers, “… My mouth frozen with a cherry taste” (146). This particular quote tells the reader that the main character and their father have been driving for days and have not really stopped.

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Maybe they are running away from something? The way the author wrote this story was for the story to be arguable. The reader does not know what the main character and the Dad are running away from but they are carrying a large sum f cash; as the main character was counting they said “I’m already at six” (146). This part of the story starts to make the reader wonder about why the main character and their father are running away. The author putting in that the child is counting money makes the reader think that the father is robbing gas stations.

Also, from reading the title, “The Last Stop,” the reader can imply that some kind of tragedy is going to happen in the story. Even though the tragedy does not fully come out, the reader knows that the main character is going through a tragedy without even knowing it. In he story “After” it shows that people in their youth have to deal with many issues on their own and this is a tragedy because it causes this boy to feel terrible about himself. The author tells a story about a confused high school boy who is being bullied for acting different and is forced todeal with it on his own.

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The way the author wrote this story was to make you feel as if you were the main character or in the main character’s shoes, muff thought about, of all things, the white Tanoak truck you used to love as a kid” (Ginsberg 30).In reality, the story is written about a boy Ewing gay and finding out while he is in high school. When he is being bullied and beat up by his fellow baseball players for being this way, all he can think about is the toy he used to love as a kid. The Tanoak truck from his childhood was the boys escape from reality.

The boy already feels like an outsider for being different and is being bullied for it but he is worried about them hating him for him speaking up about everything. This was ironic because even though he was not talking his peers were already saying, “Everybody would hate you” (31). The story shows tragedies in youth’s life and even inside youth. The boy is in a position where he feels there is not really a right or wrong. The outside tragedy is that he is being bullied in school when the inside tragedy is that he does not know if he should confront his family and peers about the truth of him or not.

Tragedies in youth can vary from minor to horrific. In an opinion, tragedies are better themselves, when others live in past. Youth seem to be more affected by tragedies than surrounding people due to their tendency to cling onto things. Also, when you get older, you tend to remember the bad instead of the good and that shapes you into the person you are now. In this collection of stories, they show a variety of tragedies and the length of effectiveness they can have on someone.

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