Yukon Jack Essay Research Paper The short

9 September 2017

Yukon Jack Essay, Research Paper

The short lived life of Jack London is a direct contemplation of his literary plants major subject, the battle for endurance of strong work forces driven by crude emotions. ? To Construct A Fire? and White Fang are two of his plants that co-occur his life experiences and exemplify his literary subject.

London was born the illicit boy of W.H. Chaney and Flora Wellmen in 1876. He ne’er saw his biological male parent and his female parent had small to make with him. Eight months after his birth, his female parent married a adult male named John London. This is where Jack received his name. Even with his new household, that included two step-sisters, Jack still received small clip or love from them. ? He claimed to hold felt that he was a male child without a boyhood? ( Marshall 749 ) . In? To Construct A Fire, ? a adult male is on a journey through the Yukon. He takes this journey entirely, and hence must confront all challenges entirely. This is much like the childhood of Jack London. London had to accept all challenges and obstructions in his childhood entirely, because his household was non at that place to back up him. Both Jack London and the adult male in? To Construct A Fire? are in control of their ain fate. As it turns out for the adult male in? To Construct A Fire, ? he faces his decease because of his purdah. !

London may be connoting that if he had person to steer him through the early phases of life, he might hold turned out to be a more fulfilled and successful individual.


By the age of 23, London had held a legion assortment of occupations. He had been everything from a carrier to an oyster bed plagiarist. He even bummed his manner through the United States. In 1897, he traveled to Canada to seek his fortune in the Yukon Territory gold haste. This is the motive behind his 1906 novel, White Fang. White Fang Centers around the ability of a adult male, through love and kindness, to chasten a barbarian wolf, and turn it into a loyal domestic animate being. This may non be relevant when speaking about the relationship between London? s life and the novels subject. What is relevant though, is that the narrative did take topographic point in the Yukon, a topographic point where London had been during his life. The narrative contains battles of adult male? s endurance against nature, possibly London? s ain endurance against nature. London could besides be portraying his endurance against life in general.

During the same clip period, London had evolved a working doctrine from Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer, and Friedrich Nietzsche which explained the universe of his experiences to his ain satisfaction. ? These experiences persuaded him to fall in the Socialist Labor Party and campaign for worker? s rights? ( Kennedy 118 ) . Even though London claimed to be a socialist, he contradicted his belief in socialism with his individualistic impression of the endurance of the fittest. In the short narrative? To Construct A Fire, ? London shows us what happens to the weak. The adult male freezes to decease and the Canis familiaris survives. London possibly utilizing this narrative to spread out on his endurance of the fittest belief. In order for a adult male to last the potentially blizzard cold temperatures of the Yukon, he must non merely be in top physical


status, he must besides be every bit fit psychologically. The Canis familiaris in? To Construct A Fire? had both, a physical conditioning and a mental inherent aptitude, something London saw in himself. The adult male in the narrative experiences sorrow for non following the advice given to him before, but the dog imperativenesss on without sorrow or commiseration for the adult male, the same manner London treats life.

London began composing in early maturity. He fou

nd it was the easiest manner for him to do money. His literary apprenticeship was relatively short. He started by composing for a local newspaper in San Francisco, and before long the full state took a liking to his work. London had published his first book, The Son of the Wolf, in 1900.

Besides in 1900, London married his first married woman, Bessie Madden. In 1903 he had left her and his girls to get married Charmian Kittredge. Shortly after their matrimony, London had left his 2nd married woman. London had ever longed for a boy, and neither of his married womans had fulfilled that demand. It was 1910 when London wrote his short narrative? To Construct A Fire, ? non long after his two matrimonies, but long plenty to acquire lonely from purdah. It is possible that the inspiration for this narrative came from London? s ain longing for heat in his life, something that was no longer at that place. Everything for London seemed so cold now that there is no 1 at that place to portion in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours events. If the adult male in? To Construct A Fire? had person with him, he would certainly hold gotten warm, even after he got wet.


In the staying old ages of his life, London published two or even three books a twelvemonth. These included short narratives, short novels, long novels, societal paperss, and political plants. ? By 1913 he was called the highest-paid, best known, and most popular author in the universe, with books translated into 11 linguistic communications? ( Kunitz and Haycraft 843 ) . By the age of 40, London was done authorship. He made his luck in his Hagiographas, but he managed to pass a greater 1. ? Although the cause of London? s decease [ in 1916 ] was given out as azotemic poising, a tablet on his night-table, with a computation of the deadly dosage of morphia kiping tablets, and two empty phials on the floor indicated that, like his autobiographical hero Martin Eden, he had taken safety in self-destruction? ( Kunitz and Haycraft 843 ) .

Like his novels, Jack London was a strong adult male who ever was in a battle for endurance. In his childhood, he had to fight to acquire by without the counsel of a parental figure. In immature maturity, he was fighting to do a life. And in the ulterior old ages of his short life, he struggled with intoxicant and fiscal jobs, taking to his decease.

Yukon Jack


English 102

11 March 1997



Thesis sentence: The short lived life of Jack London is a direct contemplation of his literary plants major subject, the battle for endurance of strong work forces driven by crude emotions.

I. Childhood

A. Jack London? s childhood lacked significance and counsel.

B. Similarities exist between London? s childhood and his short

narrative, ? To Construct A Fire. ?

II. Adolescents

A. Early maturity experiences gave London motive for his

literary plants.

B. London? s doctrine of life contributed to his manner of authorship.

III. Adulthood

A. In the 1900? s, London began settling down.

1. London began his composing calling.

2. London? s two matrimonies effected his work.

B. Jack London? s life ended in self-destruction


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