Yuletide Season

6 June 2017

Dear Jenny, How are you Jenny? I cant believe it has already been a year since you moved to Canada and I miss you so much especially the hours we’ve wasted on the phone gossiping. I was hoping to visit you last time, but my ever-so-hectic schedule left me with insufficient time to go abroad. I’ll be free in December so that I can fly over to Canada and we can spend some time together.

I can’t wait to fill you in on everything that’s going on in my life which can’t be condensed in this piece of paper. Christmas is drawing closer day by day and I hope that during this Yuletide season ou will share your happiness and blessings to all the wonderful people around us. I hope that you will never lose faith in God and never stop chasing your dreams. I hope that you still remember the true meaning of Christmas which is commemorating the birth of our dearest Lord Jesus Christ.

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Christmas is not about the number of Christmas gifts displayed below our Christmas Trees nor is it about saying the generic Merry Christmas to a random stranger. It’s about the little things we do to make our fellow brothers and sisters happy and I hope you still remember this even hough I’m not there to constantly remind you. Above all, I am really looking forward to see you again! I want to spread the real message of Christmas with you.

Truthfully, spending Christmas without you would make me feel empty inside I hope to see you soon Jade! I hope you are looking forward to that as well. Good luck in your studies and don’t forget to believe in yourself. It will help you a lot in fulfilling your dreams. Drop me a line when you’re free. I’m eager to hear all your adventures (or misadventures) of your first year in Canada! Take care and God bless!

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