3 March 2019

Another Monday slowly drags on as I sit in class waiting for that final bell to ring. School is over, and the next couple hours are a blur as I wait until 5:50 P.M to drive to my second home; my dance studio. As I walk up the stairs I hear a familiar voice yell, “Pull out the barres!” It’s a strict voice, but the softness behind it is my teacher, friend, and role model. I have been exposed to many influential people throughout my life. My dance teacher, Yvonne Hassett, has had the greatest impact on me and also contains multiple essential qualities.

Throughout the past six years that I have known Yvonne, she has enhanced my confidence level tremendously. I have received various corrections from Yvonne. I do not take those corrections as a bad thing; I take them as constructive criticism to become better at what I do.

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When I first started dancing at Absolute Dance, I had a lack of confidence. Yvonne helped me become a strong individual both in and out of the dance studio. Yvonne is a person who has pushed me to my highest potential each day. With her pushing me to my personal best and helping me strive for my goals, I have improved not only as a dancer, but also as a person.
Yvonne has a unique set of qualities that many people, like myself, admire. She has always been the person I go to for guidance. Yvonne is a wonderful and highly respected dance teacher and also a positive role model. Not only that, but she takes on a motherly role and is basically my second mother. We jokingly say that we are her children since she has none of her own. Another admiring quality that Yvonne has is that she puts others before herself. Even though she has her own life, she will put it on hold to help us with anything.
Spending so much of my time with Yvonne has had a great influence on me. Ever since I have met her I now feel confident that I can succeed in anything I do later in life. I will take the qualities and advice Yvonne has given me and use it to keep growing as a person.

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