4 April 2015
This paper examines the Zapotecs of Mesoamerica, their culture and traditions.

This is an in-depth look at the Zapotec Indians, both historically and currently and uses an exhibit from the Field Museum in Chicago to explain the people. The author pays special attention to historical civilization that evolved around Monte Alban. Included is an examination of their history and origins, homes, food and irrigation, trade, societal values, class systems, politics, religion, architecture, routine and kinship systems.
“The center of historic Zapotec civilization was in the Valley of Oaxaca, especially at a hill known as Monte Alban. Archeological knowledge of the Valley of Oaxaca began with the impressive landmark, Monte Alban, dating from approximately 400 BC. Evidence of an early food-collecting, incipient cultivation culture is known from a series of caves and rock shelters, located near Mitla, in a transition zone from piedmont to mountains. There the native inhabitants collected acorns, pinon nuts, mesquite beans, magueys, and other wild plants while hunting deer, cottontail rabbits, and mud turtles.

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