Zappos Case

7 July 2016

Discussion Questions:
1. What is the business of Zappos and what are its critical success factors (CSF’s)? [lists] Business: The business of Zappos is to sell shoes online, and provide relative customer service. Critical Success Factors:

-The spirit of adventure
-Best customer service
-Use of Information and Technology
-Unique way to keep the workers
-The spread of the business culture

2. Please complete the following table. Identify the key information systems and the related IT infrastructure investments that enable Zappos’ core business processes: Core Business Process
Information Systems
IT Infrastructure
supplier management
[an example response is attached; feel free to add to, modify or delete this example and create your own response] customer orders processing system
customer returns processing system
procurement system
online, eCommerce Platform
online, eCommerce Platform
supplier extranet
sales/order processing
Customer orders processing system
Online, eCommerce Platform
order fulfillment and distribution
Procurement system
Customer orders Processing system
Tracking system
Procurement system
Online, eCommerce Platform
supply chain management logistics and warehousing
Procurement system

Supplier extranet
customer servicing
Customer orders processing system
Customer returns processing system
Online, eCommerce platform
Online, eCommerce platform
human resources management
Management system
financial management
Accounting and Financing system

3. In what ways does the design of Zappos’ Web site and related services support its business objectives? [list] Zappos embraced Twitter as a valuable tool for building company culture. Meanwhile, Twitter is used to create a more interactive customer community. Zappos also used blogs to interact with customers. Those websites are divided by several parts for visiting the websites in a very easy way. 4. Why did it make sense for Amazon to acquire Zappos? What expertise in terms of information management and the use of IT did Amazon bring to the game that might improve Zappos’ eCommerce competitiveness? [lists] Zappos has earned more revenue year by year, which means it has a lot of growth potential. Zappos built a very positive business culture, which is really successful for its business. Zappos is owning a very strong working team

Amazon has a mature management information system, which could help Zappos to contribute the whole business Amazon has a strong contribution on investing the warehouse or the storage, which could give Zappos a more competitive ability in the market.

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