Zell Miller: Former Governor of Georgia

4 April 2015
This paper examines the life and contributions to society of the former governor of Georgia, Zell Miller.

This paper sheds light on the political achievements of Sen. Zell Miller, the former governor of Georgia. The paper details how Zell Miller became Senator in 2000 after the untimely death of Senator Paul Coverdell and how he has been serving the people of Georgia for more than three decades including the sixteen years he served as lieutenant governor before he was selected for governor’s office in 1991. Some of his most well-known accomplishments include his far-reaching educational policies and proposals for tough laws against drunk drivers.
It is evident from his long career in public life that the man possesses farsightedness and a genuine desire to bring positive change in social and economic life of people in his state and therefore was rightly selected to represent his people in the Senate. It is certainly commendable that the policies he made exclusively for his state were considered worthy of adoption on a national level. He will now serve as a Senator till July 2004 and has decided to work for his people and never for one particular party. The man is known for his commitment to his state and the success of his programs is evident from the fact that when he left office, his approval rating had reached 85 percent. He had been able to send 357,000 Georgians to college through his HOPE scholarship programs and some 246,200 young kids stood to benefit from his pre-kindergarten program, both these programs were lottery funded.

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