Zeus Essay Research Paper The name of

8 August 2017

Zeus Essay, Research Paper

The name of our metropolis is Zeus. It is located on a planet by the star Phoenix, 20trillion light old ages from Earth. The metropolis has 2 billion people in it and is the size ofthe full USA. The full metropolis of Zeus is run by a computing machine so there is nogovernment. Everyone in the metropolis has a designation bit implanted in theirheart. This ID bit tells the metropolis computing machine precisely where everyone is. It has theirfull name, reference, phone figure, age, and gender. It besides includes a policerecord, if the individual has one and the individual & # 8217 ; s proportions ( tallness, weight, etc. ) The metropolis has an electronic forcefield around it. The forcefield has 75backups, and is unseeable. Nothing can perforate into it, but things can travel out ofit.

Transportation system: The lone manner of transit in Zeus is hover carscontrolled by detectors on edifices. The detectors make it so the autos cannotcrash.

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The individual in the auto does non drive. They merely acquire in and state whereit is they wish to travel to. The auto recognizes human voice and will take you to theplace you say every bit speedy as possible. The detectors track each auto and where it willbe traveling. Then it will do other autos traveling to the same topographic point fly at a differentelevation. This manner, no clangs will happen. There is besides a detector in the auto tofind out who you are by reading the ID bit. No hover auto for civilians can flyabove 60,000 pess.

Housing: The places in Zeus are indestructible. Each house has 2halves. The top half is merely about 2-3 floors. The bottom half is underground.Most places have 5-12 floors underground. Having most of the houseunderground takes up less infinite above land. This allows more people to livein the same country.

Polices: The metropolis has 40 constabulary Stationss. Each constabulary station is runcompletely by computing machine. There are no human constabulary officers. The policeofficers are indestructible automatons. Each automaton is equipped with 6 different guns.They besides have dark vision. The constabulary autos fly from between 60,000 pess and75,000 pess.

Medical Service: The metropolis has 35 infirmaries. Each infirmary has 5,000rooms and 5 exigency suites. Each besides has 70 ambulances. They flybetween 75,000 pess and 90,000 pess. Surgery is done by automatons. The doctorjust tells the automatons what sort of surgery is to be performed. Then the robotreads the ID bit in the patient to happen out their proportions and begins surgery.

Fire Department: There is no fire section. All edifices in the metropolis arecompletely fireproof. If something non portion of the edifice gimmicks on fire, automatic sprinklers will set the object out.

Occupations: The businesss in Zeus are all the same as today, exceptno politicians,

no constabulary officers, no firemen, no servers or waitresses, and nopostal workers.

Entertainment: The metropolis has 20 film theatres. Each has 100 screens.The screens are 200 pess broad and 110 pess high. All seats are reclining chairs thatvibrate and travel in clip to the film. Tickets cost $ 20 and include a transcript ofthe film afterwards. There are besides athleticss in the metropolis. Zeus has professional squads in: hoops, football, baseball, ice hockey, and hover hockey. Each squad has itsown athleticss sphere. They hold from 40,000 to 70,000 people each. There are no eating houses in Zeus. That is because in every place, thereis a little computer keyboard in the kitchen. If you are hungry, merely type what nutrient you wantand it is beamed to your tabular array within 2 seconds. You can besides make this from thehover auto. The detectors know where you live because of the ID bit, and thefood is sent to your house. so you can eat right when you get place.

Military: Zeus & # 8217 ; s ground forces is the most powerful in the existence. It has 50billion indestructible automatons. 30 billion of them are wholly unseeable andundetectable. The automatons had 12 different guns built into them. They include ashotgun, rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher with atomic grenades, highpower optical maser, and others. Each gun has armor-piercing slugs. Each automaton besides has an indestructible armored combat vehicle that can sit in any terrain.These armored combat vehicles can fire missals and bombs at a velocity of 10,000 light old ages persecond. The missals are controlled by a computing machine so they can be steered. Thearmy base is the size of Alaska. It is really extremely secured. The ground forces base is alsoindestructible.

Mail: All mail is delivered via electronic mail. Peoples pay their measures over thecomputer. To make this, they pay the metropolis every bit much as they want. Then they aregiven a codification. To pay a measure, they give the company the codification and they deduct theamount from the money they paid the metropolis. When all that money is gone, theyput in more if they need to. To present bundles, the transmitter merely puts thepackages in a hover auto and type in the reference. Then the auto will travel to thataddress and the individual gets the bundle.

Garbage Disposal: All refuse made by the people on Zeus is loadedinto a projectile and sent to the Sun. The sun Acts of the Apostless like a elephantine incinerator and burnsall of the refuse. This procedure happens every 2 hebdomads. Each projectile can hold250 dozenss of refuse.

Space Travel: Zeus has a infinite port that is 25 times the size of Midwayand O & # 8217 ; Hare airdromes combined. From it, projectiles are launched that go 30 timesthe velocity of visible radiation. They are used to go to go all around the existence. Totravel to the farthest portion of the known existence, it merely takes about 40 seconds.The cost of an mean trip is $ 800.

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