9 September 2019

“Zingalamaduni” by definition means a beehive of culture. That is exactly what this album is … a beehive of culture! After listening to their first album, “3 Years, 5 Months, & 2 Days in the Life of …” I never thought that Arrested Development could top it, but hey … a person’s entitled to be wrong at least once in life.

This album is set up as if the songs were being played on the radio. Baba Oje (the group’s spiritual advisor and oldest member) starts the album with a wake-up call from a DJ who basically introduces the album. Arrested Development’s songs are filled with positive energy, anti-racism, pro-nature and spirituality. Songs like “United Minds,” “United Front,” and “Pride” are about unity. “Mister Landlord” is about racism, while songs like “In The Sunshine” and “Praisin’ U” are about being with Earth and thanking God and asking to be His disciple. There are many other great songs.

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This album is definitely for anyone who loved Arrested Development’s first album!! .

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