Zoroastrianism vs. Christianity

4 April 2015
A comparison of the major beliefs in these two religions.

This paper explores the correlation between Zoroastrianism and Christianity, particularly in the areas of the nature and destiny of Man, salvation, angels, heaven and hell, Judgment Day, and the end of the world. It shows that even though these religions seem to be totally different, their basic ideas stem from the same source.
“In terms of the nature and destiny of Man, Christianity and Zoroastrianism are similar to each other. Christianity dictates that Man is distinct from the rest of the elements of creation. Man is created in God’s likeness and because we are modeled on God’s image that comes with certain responsibilities. Because we possess the ability to exercise rationality, we are able to make personal decisions in the face of moral choices. We can be artistic and creative and perform some tasks God can perform. Since Man is modeled on God’s likeness, we are set apart from animals and plantlife in value terms. (Koukl, 1995, 2-3). Christians believe that God made Man to exist forever in friendship with Him. The Bible refers to the resurrection of everyone, living and dead, a final judgment, and eternity in either heaven or hell when discussing the future and destiny of Mankind (http://geneva.rutgers.edu/src/christianity/heavenhell.html, 1). It is believed that when the final judgment has been passed and everyone is made accountable for his or her deeds in life, then Mankind will finally fulfill its purpose of existence. (Knight, 1999, 3).”
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