In the Philosophy of Andy Warhol he states, “They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Mr.Warhol’s words are a reminder to me of my similar entelechy. I often speculate what I would

Trash everywhere, children running about with no shoes or shirts, constant visits from the police, my neighborhood was not very welcoming. Growing up in a poor neighborhood taught me at an early age what to do, and what not to

Just like any other child, I was terrified of the dark. Therefore, every night my mischievous childhood self would sneak out of my room and climb into my parents’ bed. My mom would be fast asleep and my dad always

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As a child, I always wanted to know how and why things were, but adults, fed up with constant interrogations, often brushed me off by suggesting that I ask someone else or look up the answer myself. This was before

When I stepped into the halls of ___________ High School, I thought that that was the beginning of my life. However, as high school commenced, I realized that it was really just a prologue to the life that I am

When my parents decided to come to America for a better life, they knew they had to do it for the better good of our family. I had not existed yet in this world when my mother and father crossed

17 September 2014 Music has always been a huge passion and inspiration to me. Ever since I started playing, everything just came more naturally to me than others; however, I do not have the gift of playing my horn persay,

In the last 20 years, reading has declined dramatically: in every age group, race, income group, and region. When people consider whether or not reading is important, they only consider childhood reading. While it is very crucial to read with

I feel tears begin to distort my vision, and once again I blink them back. “Help me with the dough, Alyssa” My mom’s words bring me back to reality, and I turn towards her only to realize that doughnuts are

“Pygmalion was written to challenge the class system, traditional stereotypes and the audience’s own views.” To what extent can this statement be considered true of the play? “Pygmalion both delighted and scandalized its first audiences in 1914… It is… a

I never really thought that my life could change forever by one simple video. A life changing moment I have experienced in my life happened when I was about 10 years old. I happened to be at home on the

I am an only child with a bother and a sister. They are my first cousins, but they might as well be siblings. Kevin and Lily are older than I am, so it was natural that I followed them in

On July 20th, 2008, Chengdu airport, a gray rainy day, the scenes along the road shocked me. The buildings and trees were razed to the ground. Miserable and despondent people wandered along the road. A subtle dirge can be heard

Our flight to Miami had been delayed again, another two more hours of sitting in Bogota in an airport where we waited many times before. I sat back down and look out the window, wondering why we didn’t just take

It is the fall of 2015. I am standing in front of a class of 20 adolescents. They are waiting for me to make a face, or say a word. Just when they are about to fall asleep they hear,

University of Chicago extended essay, application for the 2012-2013 school year Prompt – “Don’t write about reverse psychology.” Don’t you dare read this essay. Don’t dangle on every word, do not devote your full attention to it because it is

If you were to ask a number of kids at my high school to describe me in one statement, I bet you most would sadly say “lacking confidence”. While having no one relatively close to my age in my immediate,

Essay 1 prompt: Other than fashion, what medium do you use for self-expression and why? It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but my means of self-expression is becoming someone else. As an actor, my ultimate goal is to engulf my

Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn? I came into the 11th grade as a hotshot. I thought I knew what I was going to learn. I

Common Application Personal Essay Prompt – Topic of your choice If a molecule is soluble only if it is more attracted to water than to itself, then what about Narcissus? Forty minutes into chemistry class and all I could think

I was born in a place, a fast-paced city filled with the pristine ambitions of the world that shines every night like a million stars. Thriving in a city like New York City. The world is constantly revolving, like a

I was never popular or in a group of outcasts, only forever stuck in the undistinguishable middle. Ironically, it is the largest group of students, whose intellect ranges from slightly below average to slightly above it. We are neither ingenious

My heart pounds in my chest. My stomach full of nervous butterflies. I hear the crowd talking and names being cheered. I filter out those distractions. Now I need to focus. “Runners, to your marks!” My sweaty palms clamped tightly

Essay 2 prompt – Please tell us what academic class has been your favorite and why At first, I loved chemistry because it felt like magic: extraordinary and inexplicable. After a while, I began to love chemistry because it did

There is this mistake many of us who have yet to fall in love, or at the very least come to grips with an adequate definition of what that word actually means make on a fairly consistent basis. Make no

This summer, a single text changed my life. What did this text say? “Hey, do you know if Amanda died?” It was so random, blunt, and direct…it had to be a joke. I blew it off and went back to

Marquette would be an excellent place to continue my higher education. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and I have always dreamed of living in the city. The city of Milwaukee offers internships, culture and more, and I

Sometimes I view myself as a neurotic person. Negative thoughts build up in my head as the anxiety grows and I find myself shaking. Most people would not regard this as beneficial; however, during these stressful times I have generated

Every fall thousands of high school seniors stare blankly into their computer screen and ponder the same thing: college essays. The stories of triumph, the stories of hardship, and the stories of significant events begin to flow from students’ brains

The moment has finally arrived; the college application essay has found its way onto my computer screen. No pressure. That was total sarcasm by the way. Days on end, I spent contemplating a “unique, and original” introduction to what may

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