Broadway is known for spectacular theatrical performances. Through the years, musicals have received much praise and set unwavering standards. “Billy Elliot the Musical” is no different, holding a special place in Broadway’s success this year. Based on the movie, it

Pierce the Veil Starting out as a local band from San Diego, vocalist and guitarist Vic Fuentes, drummer Mike Fuentes, guitarist Tony Perry, and bassist Jaime Preciado have become band mates for their band Pierce the Veil. After becoming more

It might seem odd that my favorite band of all time hails from Denmark, but it is so. You may have never heard of Volbeat, but once you listen to one of their songs, you will be hooked, just as

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It has been nearly two years since British recording artist George Michael has been on the charts. Finally he’s back with a follow-up to his extremely successful pop album, “Faith.” His new soundtrack entitled “Listen Without Prejudice” was released last

When I started listening to NOFX, a punk band outof California, I was wowed by the fast beats and catchy lyrics. NOFX,together for over two decades, has several views on the war and our president. In”The Idiots Are Taking Over,”

I may not be the best with music styles but NF has the most pain feeling songs. Once you listen to at least one song completely you can tell he has lived with so much pain that he holds in

Shawn Mendes’ new album is finally out and has found its way into hearts and playlists. The self-titled album showcases uncharted territory of the singer’s vulnerability and genre collaborations that introduce a new era of Shawn Mendes. Not only are

Poetry as a whole has some specific qualities. When you look at some songs, you can find these same qualities. Certain standards are expected for something to be considered a poem. The biggest question though is, “Are songs with poetical

On March 12th, R.E.M. released “Out of Time,” their first album since the mega-tour that supported “Green.” “Out of Time” has been hailed by various critics as being some sort of venture into uncharted waters for R.E.M. True, “Out of

Finally, the rock world has found a sound that is brand new. Literally! Brand New’s album “Your Favorite Weapon” is the best example of mixing emo and punk. It is a fantastic album because it has a fresh sound, the

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 is an electropop opera written by Dave Malloy, although it doesn’t really stay in that genre throughout the whole show. It’s a fun soundtrack based off a seventy page sliver of War

It’s not often one is most inspired by a classical recording. It’s not often this recording is 30 years old. And it’s also not often that this happens to a teenager. But it did. Listening to Martha Argerich play Jeux

The hard rock band Godsmack recently released their newest album, The Oracle. After 12 years of rock stardom, nobody expected less than the fierce and powerful music that Godsmack delivered in spring 2010, and their second Multi-Platinum album Awake is

“Our music is mentally hip-hop, smoothed out on the R&B tip with a pop feel appeal to it.” Ask any member of Bell Biv DeVoe to describe their music and that’s what they will tell you. When the Boston band

Do you like punk rock? If so, do you think it’s lost its aggression and intensity? If you think so, check out “Undisputed Attitude” from Slayer. This album pays homage to the great punk bands of the ’80s. Besides the

Moby’s “Play” is a very interesting, entertaining and addictive album. It features a wide variety of music, from gospel-inspired folk music to mellow, almost gothic half-rock half-poetry. Moby, the most prominent and well-respected DJ of the techno genre, still has

Upon the birth of Avenged Sevenfold, there wasn’t too much argument about what genre they were. There was heavy guitar and drums, angry screaming and lyrics that seemed either too poignant to be written by fresh-out-of-high school boys or just

“My Paper Heart” is the 2008, blockbuster release from Christian singer/songwriter Francesca Battistelli. “Free to be Me” starts off this album with an easy-to-listen-to beat that’s extremely uplifting. “I’m Letting Go” picks up where the last song left off in

It’s sad to say that in the first 16 years of my life I never fully understood the cult obsession of Radiohead. After listening to their latest CD, I have one word to sum up the work of this British

“Angles” by The Strokes is a terrific album that shows off the band’s creativity like no other. It is their most diverse album to date. The Strokes are often characterized by their distinctive guitar melodies, sizzling vocals, and garage-band roots.

Tool recently released their new album, “Aenima.” Their eerie, haunting sound causes you to get lost in a dark and questioning world that pours through your stereo speakers. Their lyrics are very spooky. They ring in your head, like a

George Strait’s latest, “Honkytonkville,”is the best country album I have heard yet. It is truly perfect. Typically, thecountry listener expects a fairly good variety of decent songs, and hopefully afew exceptional ones. They also usually expect to hear not only

We’ve all had relationship issues, and sometimes the fights and break-ups make us want to curl up in bed and listen to music. The best CD for this is Mayday Parade’s break-up bible, “A Lesson In Romantics.” The 12-song album

As I write this and listen to “Begin” once again, I’m in awe of David Archuleta’s vocals. Though he recorded the album in just a few weeks, he really gave it his all before leaving on his two-year mission with

You’ve probably heard of them, I mean, how could you not have? They’re everywhere. You see the on billboards, the internet, TV, magazines, you name it, and they’re probably there. What you may not know is who they are… Nick,

Top 3 One Republic Songs From Colorado, this group often gets compared to Maroon 5, Coldplay and The Fray. They have also gotten numerous music awards and placement in broadcasts, like “Polo: Ralph Lauren” and “The Tonight Show”. The group

For the people who don’t know that band Skillet, they are a Christian rock band made up of John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Jen Ledger, and Seth Morrison. They have made many albums but the one that I wanted to talk

In a music world where lyrics rarely have meaning,singer and songwriter Jack Johnson goes against the grain. With his first CD,”Brushfire Fairytales,” Johnson offers 13 light, yet expressive,tracks. A former pro-surfer, Johnson does an amazing job of bringingsubstance back to

Three out of Five Stars Riri is at it again. Sixth album in seven years or something like that. The heavy dance influenced and dub-step heavy album seems to be a perfect blend of “Loud”, her previous album and “Rated

Carrie Underwood’s Music Most people know America’s sweetheart Carrie Underwood for being the winner of the fourth season of American Idol. Carrie is from a small town in Oklahoma. It did not take her long to blossom into one of

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