“Imagine Dragons” is a well known alternative rock music group. They are originally out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The lead singer of the group is Dan Reynolds. “Imagine Dragons” is best known for their songs, “Radioactive”, “Demons”, and “It’s Time”.

For Lack of a Better Name is the fourth studio album by Canadian house producer deadmau5 (his second mainstream album). This album features more diverse musical tones and lends itself to progressive house. Deadmau5 collaborates with MC Flipside on “Hi

A Day to Remember: Homesick A Day to Remember is a pop-punk, metalcore, and sometimes post-hardcore band out of Ocala, Florida. They have released a total of four studio albums, nine singles, eight music videos, have been signed twice, and

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Beyonce expresses many of her true passions and strong feelings in this album. She tells a story of how a man she thought loved her, betrayed her in ” Best thing I never had. ” “I may be young, but

When one mentions Ireland and rock musician in the same sentence, it is usually to describe such rock acts as U2 and Sinead O’Connor. However, a new band has emerged from the Emerald Isle. An Emotional Fish is perhaps the

Drake has done it again with his latest mixtape-­turned-album, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” A few solid additions to his growing collection of top 40 hits grace the album, along with a good number of tracks dedicated to

“I grabbed some frozen strawberries so I could ice your bruising knees/ But frozen things they all/ unfreeze and now I taste like/ All those frozen strawberries I used to chill your bruising knees,/ Hot July ain’t good to me/

I think this album would be good for everyone because it was ICPs album that started it all. The horror/ hardcore rap albums combination of circus sounds and psychotic laughing and shrieking, with old school style beats and featuring other

“If I wasn’t here tomorrow, would anybody care?” starts the song “Would It Matter” by Skillet, off of their 8th album “Awake.” Skillet is a Grammy-nominated Christian rock band originally formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996. John Cooper and Ken

Black Veil Brides new release “Wretched And Divine”. First off, i will give some information about the album before starting the actual review. “Wretched And Divine” is Black Veil Brides third studio record. It is also a rock opera concept

Justin Bieber. The 17-year-old teenager who’s on the walls of thousands of girls worldwide. Justin Bieber. Who’s hit “Baby” reached millions of views. Justin Bieber. The guy many boy’s are jealous of. You may know his songs as being just

Deborah Gibson: songwriter, producer, arranger, singer, and to top it all off, a great piano player! How many singers do you know who write, produce, and arrange their own music, as well as perform it and play an instrument? Not

So, I got the newest Paramore CD, “Brand New Eyes”, for Christmas and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it ever since! I absolutely love this CD. It’s a mix of great rock tunes with some awesome drum

We all love those Youtube famous stars who are ordinary guys by morning and sensations by night.When it comes to alternative metal the next best thing is hidden within the community of Visalia, California.The four man band of Forgotten Faces

Almost four years ago, The Fray released their debut album, “How To Save A Life,” and sold over two million copies in the United Sates. Finally, The Fray has returned. On February 3, 2009, they released their highly-anticipated sophomore record,

Excerpt from 100 greatest t Albums of all time by Brandon Ware, Foreword by Myles Crandall #81: FRED GREEN- FRED GREEN Chris: Drums, Lead Vocals Todd: Bass, vocals Ben: Guitar, vocals Produced by Fred Green and Larry Elyou Shed Winder/U/Who

‘And I just wanted you to know I don’t wanna look back Cause I know that we have Something the past could never change. And I’m stuck in the moment And my heart is open Tell me that you feel

T-Pain, a rapper known for his reliance on Auto-Tune, brings a familiar, slow vibe to his new album, “Revolver.” Best known for his 2007 hit single, “Buy U a Drank,” T-Pain grew up in Florida and joined the rap group

If you are a tried-and-true Cure fan, you will undoubtedly like “Disintegration.” If you’re not, it will take some getting used to. But that doesn’t mean you won’t end up liking it. The most conspicuous aspect of the Cure’s “Disintegration”

I wanted to go to this concert as soon as I heard it advertised. My boyfriend and I decided to go, and we bought some of the last tickets. The concert started at 7:30, so we arrived at the Portland

This is a review for a song that I absolutely love and hate at the same time. The song, to me, is about loss and gain. He loses someone close to him and is asking for them to come back

Literally a year since I was born was the album`s release. Symphony X is a progressive power metal band from the grimy place known as New Jersey. They formed and released their debut into the early 90s with most, every

Music Review for Punk Goes Classic Rock A compilation of classic rock covers by today’s most popular punk bands, Punk Goes Classic Rock delivers older songs with a familiar sound. The track list includes: Hit The Lights – More Than

The last thing anyone expected from the relatively benign electronic dance group The Prodigy was to be inciting arson. But that’s exactly what happened when the newly renamed Prodigy of their 1997 album The Fat of the Land, which contained

Imagine walking into a desolate shop, wind blowing through ancient windows. Your friend, recently fatherless, wants you to compose a song for his dad. You can’t help but start at the beginning, the shop where the dead man spent most

What do you get if you take away heavy distortion, the big amplifiers, and special effects? You get Tesla doing one of the most classic shows ever captured on tape. Tesla, who is named after the band’s idol, Nikola Tesla,

The crowd cheered loudly and the lights flashed violently as front man Billy Corgan, guitarist James Iha and Bassist D’arcy entered the stage. I felt my stomach twist and I was paralyzed with excitement because this was my first concert.

My brother had it first, way back in ?. But I rediscovered it, dusty and forgotten among the tapes in the cardboard box he took to college. Weezer’s “Blue Album” will always be a tape. No CD can claim the

Last time we talked about Excision was with his most recent LP, Codename X. Let’s reverse the clock back a couple years and talk about the beginning of a supergroup project that is still continuing steadily. Destroid itself features Excision,

I am proud to announce that our favorite Alternative, no music genre band has come out with a new song. All devote, and maybe not so devote Twenty-One Pilots fan has heard it, and you’ll hear it again in the

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