I couldn’t believe that this would be the last Student Life weekend conference. I absolutely loved spending my weekend singing my heart out and laughing my head off at the awesome speakers. But this was the last time, and it

There are some funeral doom bands with awful production. “Alloy” happened to be the best produced doom album I have ever heard. The album opens up with “The Arrival”, which happens to be my favorite song in their collection. Such

Personally, I don’t like Justin Beiber’s look. I like some of his songs, but I don’t think he’s cute. My favorites, like “Love Me” and “Baby”, are very limited. So, in this Review, I’m going to list some of the

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I first discovered Heather Dale when I became fascinated with unusual approaches to well-known legends. Her beautiful, perceptive songs are derived mainly from medieval history and Arthurian legend, and provide a fascinating perspective. In her two entirely Arthurian albums, “Trial

After the incredible success of her last two albums (“Rapture” and “Giving You The Best That I Got”), Anita Baker changes her musical direction from pop-laced R&B to jazz on her latest LP “Compositions.” Of course, Baker doesn’t completely turn

The newest CD by one of my favoritegroups, Ben Folds Five, surprised me. The songs are verydifferent from their usual style and almost annoying. Half areexcellent while the other half are disappointing. Songs like”Mess,” “Magic,” “Don’t Change YourPlans” and “Lullabye”

When artists Jay-Z and Kanye west come out with a new song, it cannot be missed. An album together is going to be amazing is what I first thought. The album was Watch the Throne released August 8th, 2011, combining

Jon Bon Jovi has done exceptionally well since he temporarily went solo for his latest album, “Blaze of Glory.” Although he has only had two released hits, “Blaze of Glory” and “Miracle,” from this album, every single song on it


The five-man band named 311 just released their self-titled album, which is topping the charts with their two recently released singles, “Down” and “All Mixed Up.” These are a great example of the band’s many-sided talents. 311 employs a wide

You’ve probably already heard of her -she’s the newest and biggest pop sensation (next to RickyMartin) and the only place she’s headed is straight to thetop. This soon-to-be-diva already has a number one single anda number one album. She’s not

Don’t be gone too long to know what did Chris Brown and Ariana Grande sing. the song is about a princess that is kept away because the evil king doesn’t like her dating a pesent. Don’t be gone too long

Fans give praise to the release of Panic! at the Disco’s single “Hallelujah”. Lead singer, Brendon Urie, now the only remaining original member of the group, anticipates fans with yet another change in musical direction. Since the band is known

For a band that’s been performing for years, it’s about time ThinkTree released an album. Their long-awaited debut album titled “Eight/Thirteen” is almost everything I had hoped it would be. This five-member Boston-bred band is like no other (I guess

“The Meat Puppets gave me a completely different attitude toward music – I owe so much to them.” These are words of the most influential writers of all time, Kurt Cobain, from the front of the Meat Puppets’ album, “Too

After six years with House of Pain,Everlast put out this first album, “Whitey Ford Sings theBlues.” This CD is a unique combination of alternative(like Sublime) and rap (similar to that of Eminem), exceptEverlast has more diversity in his music. Don’tlet

Eager music lovers will enjoy a blend of the natural wonders of the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden at 301 North Baldwin Avenue and the energetic music of the renowned California Philharmonic at the Cal Phil Festival on

I’ve read many articles reacting to this song, and I can’t hardly believe that it hasn’t gotten more positive reviews than it has. Many argue that the song doesn’t ask enough of the South, and too much of African Americans

Think for a moment back to when you were eight or nine. What did you want to be? A policeman, a nurse, or a doctor? Surely not a rock star. But there were three boys who had those unusual expectations.

Being Gavin Rossdale’s biggest fan, I decided it would be cool to listen to and review his band’s new CD, “Razorblade Suitcase.” Since I enjoyed the first disc, I thought that this one would be a smash, with heavier guitar

LFO – you probably heard about themmany times this summer on MTV and know them from their smash”Summer Girls,” a catchy song you’d like to get outof your head. I have to confess, their silly lyrics are whatlured me into

The doors to The Meadows (in Hartford, CT) opened at seven on that early October night. The Fastbacks, the opening band for Pearl Jam from Seattle, had a lot of energy. But everyone was so anxious to be at the

After nearly a six year wait, TrentReznor has finally put out an album Nine Inch Nails fans canlove. This new double album, “The Fragile,” was oneof the most highly anticipated releases of 1999. Reznor hasbeen said to have been battling

SPM’s When Devils Strike album is so far one of the best a CD’s in my collection. Even though this album came out in the year 2006, people still admire him. He only spoke the truth and since it was

3 years since the release of her third studio album “Can’t Be Tamed,” Miley Cyrus is back at it again with her latest single “We Can’t Stop.” After reaching #1 on iTunes on the first day of its premiere, the

This album has been getting a lot of trash, especially when compared to Marianas Trench’s second and third albums, so, here I am, official defender and promoter of Fix Me, Marianas Trench’s very first album! I dare anyone who thinks

“Ahead of Lions” It has long been said that the art of punk-rock is far dead. If that’s true, then no one told the boys of Living Things, four powerful musicians hailed from beyond the grave to revive the tradition

The story begins. Sam Smith has been known to start singing around 2012 with his first release of “Lay Me Down” and soon released the album The Lonely Hour which includes his hit single “Stay with Me.” He has been

Maroon 5 swept through the Midwest two weeks ago, performing in Chicago on Friday night and in Milwaukee on Saturday night. And now that I’ve been to quite a few of the shows this summer as the representative for Skittles,

In recent months, singer and pianist Norah Jones has been receiving an awful lot of attention. Following her incredible sweep at the Grammys, her popularity exploded as many folks decided to check out her music and then got sucked in

Here it is! the album that every Jonas Brothers fan has been waiting for. “Who I am,” the debut album from Nick Jonas and the Administration. Nick starts off this highly anticipated album with the soulful “Rose Garden.” Next is

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