The doors to The Meadows (in Hartford, CT) opened at seven on that early October night. The Fastbacks, the opening band for Pearl Jam from Seattle, had a lot of energy. But everyone was so anxious to be at the

After nearly a six year wait, TrentReznor has finally put out an album Nine Inch Nails fans canlove. This new double album, “The Fragile,” was oneof the most highly anticipated releases of 1999. Reznor hasbeen said to have been battling

SPM’s When Devils Strike album is so far one of the best a CD’s in my collection. Even though this album came out in the year 2006, people still admire him. He only spoke the truth and since it was

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3 years since the release of her third studio album “Can’t Be Tamed,” Miley Cyrus is back at it again with her latest single “We Can’t Stop.” After reaching #1 on iTunes on the first day of its premiere, the

This album has been getting a lot of trash, especially when compared to Marianas Trench’s second and third albums, so, here I am, official defender and promoter of Fix Me, Marianas Trench’s very first album! I dare anyone who thinks

The story begins. Sam Smith has been known to start singing around 2012 with his first release of “Lay Me Down” and soon released the album The Lonely Hour which includes his hit single “Stay with Me.” He has been

Maroon 5 swept through the Midwest two weeks ago, performing in Chicago on Friday night and in Milwaukee on Saturday night. And now that I’ve been to quite a few of the shows this summer as the representative for Skittles,

In recent months, singer and pianist Norah Jones has been receiving an awful lot of attention. Following her incredible sweep at the Grammys, her popularity exploded as many folks decided to check out her music and then got sucked in

Walking around Target, wanting something new to listen to, I picked up a CD by Good Charlotte. I play a song; strike one, it sucked. I found another CD; strike two, it’s Hip-Hop, my ears started to bleed. Searching around

The constant struggle to create an album that is both critically praised, and loved by the fans, is a line that seems to be growing ever so distant. With fans constantly demanding bands to stay the same, and critics demanding

My World, pop star Justin Bieber’s first album was the amazing start of something new. It demonstrates a cool pop mix and all the songs show many different meanings. The listener is sure to love the fun vibe that comes

This All Hallow’s Eve, the Young Wild Things tour presented itself at the Fillmore Theater for nearly five hours of rock-and-rolling ghastly fun. Cute Is What We Aim For opened with five songs. Their enigmatic singer, Shaant Hackiyan, jerked and

“True” ? ? Avicii was one of the best Dj in all the history, coming for nowhere to leave his mark. Influenced by Daft Punk and Steve Angello, Tim Bergling started making remixing tracks in his home and uploading in

“De-Loused in the Comatorium” is one of the best real rock albums I’ve heard in quite some time. With fast riffs and awesome lyrics, this is a relief to any real rocker’s ear-drums. This album, released in June, is real

When you hear the words Mama Mia, you’re probably thinking, “Oh no…. not another Hairspray…” That’s what I thought when my mom pulled out her new Mama Mia CD. I begged and pleaded her not to play it because, you

The latest of Muse’s several albums since their debut in 1999, “The Resistance” has definitely been a turning point for the alternative/rock group. Now focusing on more hardcore guitar and less whiny vocals, Matt Bellamy and his few minions have

They’re back and they’re better than ever before. The band? AC/DC. Their latest album, “The Razor’s Edge,” is in record stores everywhere and it’s sure to be a big hit. Former drummer Simon Wright has been replaced by the not-so-hairy

Broadening their musical spectrums, Pearl Jam blended numerous styles into “No Code,” their fourth album. After a collaboration with Neil Young, which produced “Mirror Ball” and the “Merkinball” EP, Pearl Jam got back into the studio on their own attempting

“Release” – it’s ten minutes long – features Saul Williams, a poet/rapper, and Zack de la Rocha, formerly of the uber-political metal group Rage Against The Machine. This sounds nothing like the typical modern-day musical genre called hip-hop. “Release” was

This summer I was about to give up on music, all of it sounded the same to me. Music didn’t make any sense, nothing made sense. When all of a sudden I heard this amazing band. The Academy Is. They’re

The title makes you expect an anthem for girls about standing out in the crowd fearlessly, or something along those lines. Unfortunately, it’s nothing along those lines. It’s talking about being fearlessly in-love. You’d expect for a sophomore album you’d

This is a perfect song to set the summer mood. It is by ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik (who was the second most talented member and the second most successful member).Whilee the song is such a carefree, fun song, it

On November 10, 2017, a well-known American rock band called Evanescence has released a new album called Synthesis. This song contains both brand new and remakes of songs that are made by the previous albums. This collection brings back the

Some Americans have the reputation of being illiterate idiots, but no matter how hard some Americans try, there will always be those people who will continue to reinforce this reputation for the entire country. Toby Keith’s song “Red Solo Cup”

Metallica Hey whats up its Levi. Im writing a review on Metallica. I love THE BLACK ALBUM. It has awesome songs on it [“Enter Sandman”, “Sad But True”, “Holier Than Thou”, etc.]. I also love their album …AND JUSTICE FOR

My goodness, woman. Please make it stop. First of all, Ke$ha, you can’t spell. The dollar sign is undoubtedly NOT in the alphabet. Life isn’t Myspace, darling. In the real world we don’t actually spell our names with dollar $igns,

MUSE Though I’m known as a fervidly opinionated music critic, there is one band that could never disappoint me. A perfect blend of placid piano, slight British accents, and rock, Muse is, for lack of a better word, perfect. The

My opinion to this album for me it’s great and cant explain it more than that. Many of his songs are hits and he never goes solo meaning he puts in different rappers to make his music more interesting. His

It was about 9:00 o’clock when I reached the Heart Break Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. I was there to see Letters to Cleo. I was early, so I looked around. The Heart Break was pretty smal, like a barroom.

Recently I attended a performance byElvis Costello and pianist Steve Neive. Costello entered theroom in his usual attire, a casual suit. I sang along withevery song, but there was only one I really wanted to hear. Ipatiently waited but, as

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