Examines health hazards, research, smoker profile, anti-smoking programs, compliance with regulations, responses of businesses & tobacco firms. Cigarette smoking constitutes a major public health concern in the United States (King, Flora, Fortmann, and Taylor 1340-1341). Smoking tobacco, particularly in the

Analyzes roles & symbolism of female characters, focusing on author’s chauvinism. Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness presents a story-within-a-story, creating a central narrator, Marlow, who tells an audience of four a tale about Kurtz, an agent for a Colonial enterprise

This paper reviews “Farming of the Bones,” by Edwidge Danticat, presenting a literary analysis discussing one of the elements in the novel as it relates to theme. An analysis of this novel with the backdrop of the Haitian massacres that

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This paper is a detailed look at the political and social philosophies of Rousseau and Edmund Burke. This paper discusses the views of political philosophers Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Edmund Burke. The author explores their beliefs regarding government in society and

A look at the developments that led to the boom in Greek economy before the 5th century. This paper looks into the Greek economy before the 5th century. The author examines reasons for its take off and how it affected

An analysis of this work by Friedrich Nietzsche. A paper which analyzes the ideas and central themes of this four-part book written by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The paper shows that the character of Zarathustra is merely a mouthpiece for its

A look at Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine. This paper highlights the concept of hyperbaric medicine and the various conditions that it is used to treat. Also studied is the relation the respiratory therapist has to the administering of the treatment. “Hyperbaric

A review of the book by Don and Petie Kladstrup. The paper reviews the book ” Wine And War: The French, The Nazis, And The Battle For France’s Greatest Treasure by husband and wife authors Don and Petie Kladstrup. The

A comparison paper of authors Robert Browning and William Blake. This paper was written to give the biographies of these two authors and compare their writing styles to each other. It gives detailed descriptions of their lives, including family, jobs,

A look at the way drugs interact with the brain. This paper looks at the effects of drugs on the brain. The author looks at the issue from the perspective of biology. Many diagrams, pictures and quotes are included. “There

This paper introduces the compositions and operating parameters of cyanide and acid copper plating baths. The advantages and limitations of two electroplated copper interconnection methods are compared. Furthermore, a state of the art copper electroplating technique, namely, super filling copper

A look at the role love plays in Shakespeare’s Othello. The author of this paper traces the subject of love through many Shakespeare works. Sonnets and plays are examined. The author then puts an emphasis on Othello and includes lavish

Examines economic & political theories related to coercive diplomacy, hierarchy of states & war, focusing on freezing of foreign-owned financial assets as legal & political tactic to settle international disputes. The freezing of foreign-owned financial assets held in depository institutions

This paper discusses the discovery of a Neolithic man in the Otzaler Alps. It discusses the actual discovery, description of how life was during his time period, and the many other findings upon testing this four thousand year old corpse.

The paper studies the cause for the political and civil conflict in England after the end of the Hundred Years War. This paper examines the role of the over-mighty nobility and kingship (good lordship) following the Hundred Years War, and

Character analysis of the main characters in Ibsen’s play `The Master Builder.` This essay focuses on the characters of the three central personalities in `The Master Builder`: Halvard Solness, Aline Solness, and Hilde Wangel. Personal traits and the relationship of

This paper explores the ancient Greek and Athenian concept of the world order and the conception of the human scrutinizing of previous societal, bodily and philosophical inquiry. This paper examines the classic Greeks and Athenian view on the world around

Examines the historical development of Islamic economics, especially the prohibition on the payment of interest (riba) and the mandatory tax on assets (zakat) that aided the poor. This paper demonstrates that Islamic economics, like alternative economic systems, reflects a unique

Analyzes debate over changes in tax code regulations dealing with business expenses related to domestic- & foreign-incurred R&E. On May 19, 1995, the Internal Revenue Service issued proposed regulations under section 861 of the Internal Revenue Code, relating to the

A study of Microsoft’s successful human resource management. This paper focuses on Microsoft’s employee management methods including how they recruit and retain their staff. It presents information on the human resource practices at Microsoft by describing why they are effective.

Critical review of work on economic & educational disparities between rich & poor schools. In Savage Inequalities, Jonathan Kozol argues that America’s public school system has been victimized by ongoing segregation which locks school-age children into a static caste system;

Compares social, political & historical significance of two novels portraying 19th Cent. British in India & traditional African life in Nigerian village. This study will compare and contrast two books to discover their social, political and historical significance and relevance.

This essay discusses the characterization of Satan in Book 1 of Paradise Lost by John Milton. This paper gives a brief summary and interpretation of Paradise Lost. The author argues that Satan exhibits three characteristics of heroism, evil and simple

An analysis of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and how it differs from other Shakespearean tragedies. Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known tragedies. This paper highlights the difference of this play to some of his other famous plays. The play is very

Author’s feminist perspective in essays & fiction. Mother-daughter relationship, women writers, social & historical roles & restrictions, education. Virginia Woolf was a writer who was much concerned with the general plight of women in literature in her era. Indeed, she

A study of the impact of Section 203 (B) (1) of the Trade Act of 1974 on the steel industry and the Euro exchange rates. This is an in-depth analysis of the risks and pitfalls of possible U.S. tariffs on

Critical analysis of 1988 film by New York dancer & avante garde director Amy Greenfield. In 1988, New York dancer and avant garde filmmaker Amy Greenfield raised the money to make a feature film, her first, Antigone/Rites of Death, based

This paper looks at the need for successful emergency communication in New York City. This paper examines the components necessary for successful emergency communication. The writer evaluates the actions of the New York City Emergency Communications Center in light of

Examines failure of punishment-based system & alternative approaches, focusing on community-based controls, truancy citations, role of schools. Juvenile delinquency is a major social problem in the United States today. It is defined as that behavior on the part of children

A discussion of when strategic competition is more appropriate than team cooperation. This paper discusses the marketing strategy of Herbal Advisor by doing a study on which method is best for this company. The study reveals how strategic competition proves

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