An examination of increasing violence in Western society This paper addresses the wide range of studies which indicate that rates of violent crime have increased significantly within Western society since the 1960s. The author argues that the fluid nature of

This paper looks how mass media influences our lives. This paper analyzes the historical contribution of the role of media by looking at the theories of Noam Chomsky and Marshall McLuhan. The author covers several different topics in this paper,

An examination of power struggles after Stalin’s death. This papers examines the power struggle in the Soviet Union between Malenkov and Khrushchev after Stalin’s death. It discusses the idea that foreign policy and not domestic policy was the key to

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An analysis of Edith Wharton’s short story ‘The Other Two’ that discusses the relationship between a man and his wife. A discussion of the progressive stages of disillusionment that a man comes to feel toward his wife. The husband gradually

An analysis of the book and a detailed look at its composition. This paper examines the novel Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff. The author looks at the main themes in the novel and examines the characters and the

An examination of a genre of art called abstract expressionism and how it expresses historical events. A look at the impact of world wars on abstract expressionism, a genre of art. The author examines what paintings under this genre represent

A discussion of how the main characters in the books “Briar Rose” and “The Accident” cope with surviving the Holocaust. This paper examines the books “Briar Rose” by Jane Yolen and “The Accident” by Elie Wiesel. A summary of each

Retirement program options, health & long-term care provisions, innovations (life-balance benefits, incentives), examples. Compensation and benefits are two of the major considerations that potential employees take into account when they decide whether to accept employment, or how long to stay

A study on skating with emphasis on inline skating. This paper examines the evolution of skating and the emersion of inline skating. It reviews the museum exhibition, “Inline Skating into The 21st Century and Beyond and describes the history of

This paper discusses mercantilism in Europe, and how it was affected by the Protestant Reformation in various countries throughout the continent. The author provides examples of mercantilism in various European countries. Includes a look at not only religious, but also

This essay is an in-depth discussion of the presidential War Powers Act. This paper examines the War Powers Act and the constitutional authority to make war. The author concludes that, while flawed, the War Powers Act is absolutely necessary to

Causes & effects of illegal use of stock information in 1970-1980s. Background, technology, junk bonds, aftermath. Insider trading is the basing of stock trades in a public company on information that is not known by the public. Whether an individual

The paper presents a detailed exploration of serial killers and feminism, using several sources to explore what the feminist film contributes to the understanding by society of serial killers. The paper shows that for many years people have studied the

Reviews work on corruption of community & medical system by creation of diseases, expansion of health service sector and the curricularization of health education. The Careless Society: Community and Its Counterfeits, by John McKnight, is a collection of lectures and

A look at the difference between the two cultures of Judaism. This paper starts by looking at the origins of the two practices, the Ashkenazi from northern Europe and the Sephardic from Spain. It goes on to discuss the cultures

A linking essay on the two books in relation to culture and values. This paper reviews two books of the post-colonial genre: “Half a life” by V.S. Naipaul and “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy. It looks at

Analyzes late 15th Cent. painting’s style, figures, technique and materials. Leonardo da Vinci’s large mural of The Last Supper is one of the most familiar images in Western art, even though it has deteriorated to the point where its original

The paper states that even though the work of William Shakespeare is more than 400 years old, he still is a major box office draw. The author states that Shakespeare’s plays live on with great popularity because they deal with

Examines socialist’s views on human nature, consciousness, alienation, socioeconomic inequality and labor. Marx had a conception of human history based on dialectical materialism, which includes the sense that the determining factors in the development, relations, and institutions of mankind are

This paper compares Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Minuet for String from his Quintet in D Major to his Minuet No. 6 and gives background information. The author states many music historians believe that Mozart attained his greatest heights as a composer

Examines painters’ veneration of saints to counteract the challenges from Reformers & Protestants, focusing on the role of the Jesuits. In the course of nearly two centuries, a great number of artists from various countries worked in different styles to

Examines reasons why Carter lost & Reagan won. Looks at their styles, personalities, political rhetoric, issues and voter responses. In the 1980 presidential elections, Ronald Reagan trounced incumbent president Jimmy Carter in the biggest defeat of a president since Franklin

This paper explores, in details that are easy to understand, the field of Energy Medicine as an alternative to traditional medicine. This paper explains that Energy Medicine is based on the concept that there is an energy system operating within

This paper describes the after effects of pollution caused in the Gulf War. This paper proposes a study of some of the most significant long-term and short-term effects of air-pollution that were produced as a direct result of the Gulf

A study of the novel “Women in Love,” by D. H. Lawrence. This paper discusses the novel “Women in Love,” by D. H. Lawrence, looks at specific relationships between the characters Rupert and Ursula, and Gerald and Gudrun. It examines

A description of the messages of love conveyed in the sonnets “How Do I Love Thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett, “Love’s Inconsistency by Francesco Petrarca and Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?” by William Shakespeare. This paper focuses on

This paper attempts to answer the question, can blind people conceptualize color? This paper analyzes the question through philosophical, medical, and semantic rationale. It shows why many would argue against the fact that blind people can technically visualize color, but

The road to humility that is taken by the King and lessons learned along the way. This paper looks at the way King Lear only attains humility when he has lost everything. It starts by describing his pompous manner, followed

A study of the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement. This paper examines the reasons behind the success of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and its important legacies. It defines the civil rights movement and the society’s turbulent quest

An in-depth study of the abuse of the individual right in the American First Amendment. This paper examines the fact the history shows that uncertainties of a fragile First Amendment during times of crisis are well founded, as seen in

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