The development and use of magnetic levitation (maglev) propulsion systems in North America and around the world as an alternative mode of transportation. With air travel and the highways becoming increasingly congested, the need for an efficient, fast and comfortable

History, evolution, techniques, purpose, costs of straightening teeth & correcting bite. This paper is a study of orthodontistry, the dental specialty concerned with straightening teeth and correcting malocclusion, problems with the way the teeth come together to chew food. Orthodontics

A paper which discusses the environmental ethics practiced by Christians. By using examples and sources from the Bible, the author of this paper shows God’s intentions for his followers on issues relating to the environment. The paper shows that Christian

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A paper which draws comparisons between the books “The Perils of Obedience” by Stanley Milgram and the “Stanford Prison Experiment” by Philip Zimbardo. The paper shows that both “The Perils of Obedience” by Stanley Milgram and the “Stanford Prison Experiment”

A critical analysis of an article written by Jack Handy in 1995 on the concept of the virtual office. In this essay, the author critically reviews and analyzes an article, entitled Trust and the virtual organization: How do you manage

Discusses Joseph Heller’s satire of the military, medical establishment and big business in Catch-22. This paper discusses Joseph Heller’s satire of the institutions that run and support the war (i.e.: the military establishment, the medical institution, and big business) in

Describes & compares nursing theories. Self-care, compensatory systems, crisis intervention, stress. Clinical nursing practice should be guided by nursing theory. Patient care situations need to be viewed within the context of theoretical frameworks. There are different ways of evaluating such

This paper discusses Americans reactions to Third World Immigrants living in their country. The following paper argues that having immigrants in America is very helpful in some ways. The author gives an example that since they are willing to accept

Compares views on labor power, private property, individual vs. social needs, creation of wealth, capitalism. Marx & Locke The purpose of this essay is to examine Locke’s and Marx’s similar views on the labor theory of value and their divergent

Reviews work on role of attorneys as advocates & courtroom defenders of social & economic programs of President Franklin Roosevelt. LAWYERS AND THE NEW DEAL This report is a review of Peter Irons’ The New Deal Lawyers. The book is

An analysis of the tension between the gods in Homer’s Iliad. This paper details some of the conflicts that occur between the Olympian hosts while the battles rage below them, and how those conflict are both caused by and influence

This is a review of a 1999 article by G. Shapiro called “Quality and Equality: Building a Virtuous Circle,” that appeared in the “Human Resource Management Journal.” This paper discusses the different theories put forward in Shapiro’s 1999 article about

Analyzes short story’s implications for meaning of life, human condition, family relations, identity, guilt & punishment. Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis uses a fantastic situation to create an allegory about the meaning of humanness and about the relationship of the individual

This paper discusses the history of Armistice Day that began after WWI. This paper looks at the origins and rituals surrounding Armistice Day, or as it came to be known, Veteran’s Day. The author explains how Armistice Day began after

An examination of Chaim Potok’s novel, My Name is Asher Lev. This term paper focuses on Chaim Potok’s work My Name is Asher Lev. The protagonist of the novel, Asher Lev, is a young orthodox Jewish boy who has dreams

This paper discusses Confucianism and its rituals. This paper examines Confucianism by explaining its rituals that show people how to live their lives and interact with others. The paper discusses in detail some of the cults, for example, Cult of

Examines health hazards, research, smoker profile, anti-smoking programs, compliance with regulations, responses of businesses & tobacco firms. Cigarette smoking constitutes a major public health concern in the United States (King, Flora, Fortmann, and Taylor 1340-1341). Smoking tobacco, particularly in the

Analyzes roles & symbolism of female characters, focusing on author’s chauvinism. Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness presents a story-within-a-story, creating a central narrator, Marlow, who tells an audience of four a tale about Kurtz, an agent for a Colonial enterprise

This paper reviews “Farming of the Bones,” by Edwidge Danticat, presenting a literary analysis discussing one of the elements in the novel as it relates to theme. An analysis of this novel with the backdrop of the Haitian massacres that

This paper is a detailed look at the political and social philosophies of Rousseau and Edmund Burke. This paper discusses the views of political philosophers Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Edmund Burke. The author explores their beliefs regarding government in society and

A look at the developments that led to the boom in Greek economy before the 5th century. This paper looks into the Greek economy before the 5th century. The author examines reasons for its take off and how it affected

An analysis of this work by Friedrich Nietzsche. A paper which analyzes the ideas and central themes of this four-part book written by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The paper shows that the character of Zarathustra is merely a mouthpiece for its

A look at Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine. This paper highlights the concept of hyperbaric medicine and the various conditions that it is used to treat. Also studied is the relation the respiratory therapist has to the administering of the treatment. “Hyperbaric

A review of the book by Don and Petie Kladstrup. The paper reviews the book ” Wine And War: The French, The Nazis, And The Battle For France’s Greatest Treasure by husband and wife authors Don and Petie Kladstrup. The

A comparison paper of authors Robert Browning and William Blake. This paper was written to give the biographies of these two authors and compare their writing styles to each other. It gives detailed descriptions of their lives, including family, jobs,

A look at the way drugs interact with the brain. This paper looks at the effects of drugs on the brain. The author looks at the issue from the perspective of biology. Many diagrams, pictures and quotes are included. “There

This paper introduces the compositions and operating parameters of cyanide and acid copper plating baths. The advantages and limitations of two electroplated copper interconnection methods are compared. Furthermore, a state of the art copper electroplating technique, namely, super filling copper

A look at the role love plays in Shakespeare’s Othello. The author of this paper traces the subject of love through many Shakespeare works. Sonnets and plays are examined. The author then puts an emphasis on Othello and includes lavish

Examines economic & political theories related to coercive diplomacy, hierarchy of states & war, focusing on freezing of foreign-owned financial assets as legal & political tactic to settle international disputes. The freezing of foreign-owned financial assets held in depository institutions

This paper discusses the discovery of a Neolithic man in the Otzaler Alps. It discusses the actual discovery, description of how life was during his time period, and the many other findings upon testing this four thousand year old corpse.

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