A look at the unconscious addition of religious and erotic elements in the novel “Dracula”. This paper examines how Bram Stoker portrays erotic elements and religious undertones in his novel “Dracula”. The author provides a brief analysis of the novel

Background, composition, leadership, powers, problems, criticism, politics of tribunal established by U.N. in 1993 to prosecute war crimes. On May 25, 1993, U.N. Security Council Resolution 827 established an international tribunal charged with prosecuting violations of international law arising from

A study of Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This paper examines the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. It describes the playful pursuit of romance and the hilarious farce that is totally reasonless. The author writes that

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Examines post-Cold War world & NATO’s relevance, changing role & inclusion of former Warsaw Pact nations, focusing on centrality of U.S. policy & strategy. NATO: FUTURE AND EXPANSION Introduction This research examines the status and continued role of the North

Compares black leaders’ speaking styles & effects, social, economic & political ideologies & strategies, views on civil rights. Neither Martin Luther King, Jr. nor Frederick Douglass were extremists; both argued that African-Americans have a natural right to equality. King and

A comparison of “Genesis”, “Exodus”, “The Book of Job” and the “Inferno”. This comprehensive paper looks at sin and punishment in religious writing. It starts by comparing the hierarchies of punishment in the different texts brought about by the corrupt

A study of the conservation policies for the preservation of the New York State Hudson River. This paper presents a detailed discussion about implementing conservation policies. The writer takes the reader on an exploratory journey of conservation policies and uses

A comparison of free trade to managed trade in today’s global economy. This paper compares the values of free trade to managed trade. It begins by defining trade and identifying the ideal trade. The paper argues that free trade is

An examination of the proposed Homeland Security Department for the federal government from the aspect of human resources. This paper examines the human resource criteria for the proposed federal agency, The Homeland Security Department. It looks at the history and

Examines changing roles & duties of specialized nurses in context of managed care & alternative health delivery systems. Nevertheless, implementing NPs into the current health care system is facing some difficulties. The biggest sets backs have been from the opposition

The following paper examines the war on drugs in America, questioning whether the loss of lives, stricter laws and costs of the campaign outweigh the benefits. This essay discusses the pros and cons of the “War on Drugs” in America,

Critical review of 1988 work on social, psychological & evolutionary factors of murder. Martin Daly and Margo Wilson’s Homicide is a lengthy, scholarly examination of the topic of people killing each other. As the authors state in their introductory remarks,

Analyzes need for & benefits of this approach to overcrowding. Economics, legal issues, administration, liability, philosophies of punishment, role of govt. and public vs. private interest. For-profit incarceration is a controversial idea, but it appears to have become a permanent

Sight and blindness, reality and constructions in Hwang’s M. Butterfly. The paper discusses figures of sight and blindness used in the play M Butterfly examining Gallimard and Song’s relationship in the greatest detail. A look at the Western depiction of

A look at the various methods to increase employee retention and performance. This paper discusses the tools used to motivate and encourage top performance out of employees in the workforce, typically in the restaurant industry. The author provides ideas based

History of Central American nation, 1630-1981. Role of Britain & Spain, resources, native people (Mayans, Creols), govt., slavery and independence. This study will examine the history of the nation of British Honduras (or Belize, as it has been known since

An examination of the factors that give Johnson & Johnson, Co. a rational organizational structure. The paper defines rational organizations as those which seek to develop structure and coordinate their activities in response to technical requirements and in relation to

This paper is about a pluralist cultural policy’s positive impact on democratic values. This paper looks at the popular and enduring adage declaring that America is ?a melting pot? of cultures and at the idea that this country seems to

Analyzes benefits & drawbacks of corporate use of two means of generating short-term capital. TRADE CREDIT AND RECEIVABLES FINANCING The generation of capital is one of the most pressing problems facing any business venture. A great variety of capital sources

A look at the benefits the internet has brought us. This short paper argues that the internet has improved our lives and changed things for the better. The author includes numerous examples to back up his argument. “The Internet is

An analysis of Operation Foxley, the British plan to assassinate Hitler. This paper begins by looking at various unsuccessful assassination attempts on Hitler’s life. It then turns its focus to the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) plan, named Operation Foxley.

An overview of Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories of miraculous events. An argument against some of his ideas. A look at Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories of the justification of ‘miraculous’ events which he claimed had been caused by major astronomical event. The author

Incidence, causes, treatment, effects, focusing on educational & developmental problems. The HIV epidemic in the United States continues to grow, even as the number of infected homosexual men has leveled off. The increasing number of children infected results from the

An examination of ancient Egyptian jewelery, how it was made and the meaning it held. A report on ancient Egyptian jewelry. The author focuses on how the jewelry was crafted, specific styles of jewelry, and their symbolic meanings. “Ancient Egypt

This paper discusses the meaning of life and death, using the Bible and Greek mythology to explain and support the argument that there is life after death. This paper discusses the meaning of life and death, using the Bible and

Character analysis of Mr. Bennet in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. This essay presents a character analysis of the Jane Austen character, Mr. Bennet. The author analyzes his role in the story by looking at the events of his

Examines process, chemistry, types & benefits of this kidney failure treatment. DIALYSIS Introduction For the past 30 years, hemodialysis (HD) has been administered to patients with end-stage renal failure (1). Hemodialysis has evolved into a safe treatment and has been

An essay on the progression of morality as an instantaneous rather than gradual process.This is an essay about the progression of morality. The author argues that morality progresses in human beings in one drastic, breathtaking moment, rather than gradually. This

This paper discusses the important events and repercussions of the Cold War. A discussion of the important events of The Cold War and issues that still impact American foreign and domestic policy today. The author looks at how although The

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