A discussion of the impact that violence on TV has on youth crime. This is an argumentative paper about violence on television and its impact on youth. The author argues that television violence influences youth crime. Included is a classification

This paper addresses the themes of Susan Glaspell’s short story adaptation `A Jury of her Peers` from her play `Trifles.` It deals with the cultural and sociological motivations of a group of women to cover up the murder of one

Analyzes market, regulation, consumption, European Community issues, threats & opportunities, future. This research assesses the prospects for the marketing of Absolute brand vodka in France. The findings of this assessment are presented in the contexts of (1) market description, (2)

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This paper looks at the question of public support for government job finding and guaranteed standard of living. This paper is an in-depth examination of the public’s opinion of government assistance programs that deal with job finding and a guaranteed

Overview of political, social, economic & religious developments since 1946, leadership of Assad.

An analysis of the book “Sister Carrie” by Theodore Dreiser. A paper which presents a detailed discussion about the book “Sister Carrie” by Theodore Dreiser. The book addresses the boom of industrialism that besieged America and the way that industrialism

Analyzes Indian leader’s rejection of Western industrialization & imperialism in relation to India’s needs. Mohandas K. Gandhi’s critique of colonialism was a unique blend of reactionary and radical analysis. On the one hand Gandhi rejected Western notions of progress and

Presents moral and ethical arguments in favor of euthanasia. This paper argues that voluntary euthanasia preserves dignity. Examined in this paper are such ideas as the right to die, the ethical parameters of euthanasia, the quality of life perspective and

A detailed analysis of the disorder including a suggestion of cures and coping methods This paper examines hypochondria from various aspects. The author looks at the historical background of the disease, how the disease runs in the family, the role

This paper supports arguments in favor of divorce by discussing the advantages of divorce for people who have not sustained a loving and partnering relationship. The following paper examines how divorce is yet another tool for making life more palatable.

This paper analyzes a therapy session with a social worker, illustrating the social worker’s apparent bias towards one of the patients, and criticizing other practices of the social worker. This paper analyzes a therapy session with a social worker. It

This paper takes a look at the various political, social, and economic reforms that transformed Germany from a land of small, quarreling states into a strong nation. “The 19th century was a period for sweeping reform for what is now

A detailed description on the concept of “economic man” from its origins until today. This paper presents a thorough examination of the “Economic Man” phenomena, viewed in the light of economic relations. The paper makes a case that the concept

A look at the concepts of free trade and protectionism and how they each impact trade. This paper compares the aspects of free trade to that of protectionism and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each. “Capitalism is a global

Looks at Nestle’s approach to the changes in the confectionery industry and why they are suited to adapt to these changes. This paper examines Nestle’s move into the future and the way it deals and approaches the vast changes threatening

This paper examines the local goth subculture in Montreal, and attempts to clarify the mood and character of the scene, while showing that media portrayals of participants have been grossly inflammatory. The paper includes interviews, photos, maps and a glossary.

A discussion on group dynamics discussed from a psychological perspective. The following paper discusses different types of groups, dimensions of groups, the evolution of the groups, structural aspects of groups, and behavioral aspects with reference to the writer’s experience of

An exploration of the importance of family as it applies to family structure, land ownership, farming and gender roles. The following paper discusses the book of two authors Carol Meyers and Joseph Blenkinsopp who attempt to demonstrate the importance of

Analyzes novel as Christian allegory & social critique. The story of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Dafoe demonstrates British imperialism and ethnocentrism. The story is based on the real-life adventures of a Scottish Sailor named Alexander Selkirk who quickly faded from

Biological analysis of process for copying genetic code. Insulin increases protein synthesis through a cell-signaling pathway involving the enzyme mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase. (O’Brien) MAP kinase is activated by insulin and growth factors. (O’Brien) Insulin binds to its cell-surface receptor,

A review and analysis of the book “The Leadership Challenge” by J. Kouzes, B. Posner and T. Peters. An analytical essay which reviews James Kouzes, et al.’s The Leadership Challenge – a book which is a very much hands-on approach

Takes a look at criminology in the novel, “The Godfather”. This paper is a look at how the leading character in the book “The Godfather” goes from a life against the world of crime to ultimately the Don of the

This paper discusses the importance of the creation story in the lives of the Chiricahua Apache. This paper examines the history and folklore behind the creation story of the Chiricahua Apache. The creation story is presented to the reader, and

Discusses the four major works by Tolkien. This paper examines writer J.R.R Tolkien, one of the first fantasy writers, through his Lord of the Ring series. The author summarizes each work and explains how each Tolkien novel includes all of

A look at various causes for the American Civil War with an emphasis on slavery. This paper explores the social, economic and political reasons for the war as well as the aspect of slavery. The author emphasizes slavery as the

Analyzes of Mussolini’s famous march on Rome. This paper examines Benito Mussolini’s march on Rome not as an attempt to control Italy, but as an intelligently conceived plan which went virtually unscathed which proved to be the greatest victory in

This paper discusses the concept of the “veil” in W.E.B. DuBois’ book, The Souls of Black Folks. The author states that the ‘veil’ refers to the shadow, which has influenced a black person’s sense of self and has affected his

Examines how the Dust Bowl evolved and what changes it brought American society. This paper addresses the possible causes of the Dust Bowl phenomenon and how and why it led to the mass exodus of people from the Great Plains

This paper discusses the theme of choosing between one’s duty and one’s heart with special emphasis on Melville’s character, Captain Vere. This paper provides a brief summary of Herman Melville’s classic novel, “Billy Budd”. The author discusses one of the

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