This paper examines interpersonal communication in the film “American Beauty.” A discussion of interpersonal communication based on the movie “American Beauty.” The objective being to identify ways that interpersonal communication theory is understood within the context of the film. Application

Explication of ideas in Book III on types of constitutional govt., citizenship, purpose of state, social ethics. As Western empiricism’s founding father, Aristotle argued forcibly, throughout his work, that truth is attained by moving from the specific (the facts) to

A paper which analyzes the theme of destructive love in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. The paper describes the destructive love theme in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”. It shows how the love mirage is perfectly exemplified

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A study into the development of modern computing machines This paper discusses the progress of all mechanical inventions, computers in particular. The paper shows how the idea of computers came about and highlights the roles of computers in the modern

A paper on equal employment at Foxtrots Pharmacy. A paper discussing the issue of equal employment at Foxtrots Pharmacy. An employer, Carlos, believes he has been discriminated against and wants to file an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) claim. The

Growth, criminal activity, social factors, organization, violence, examples, drugs, future. Ascher (1994) conducted an extensive review of the literature on the effectiveness of programs that attempt to curb gang violence on campus using strategies such as hiring and training extra

A study on child abuse and its affects on the growth of a child into a healthy adult. This paper explores the issues and long lasting results of child abuse to the individual being abused and the society as a

This paper examines an integral part of the philosophy of mind: Consciousness – the most obvious, yet most mysterious feature of our minds. After defining ‘consciousness’ in this paper, the author shows that the very fact that we all have

Overview of society’s changing views; looking at legal & scientific issues, political activism and the issue of AIDS. This paper is a study of the current understanding about homosexuality, the state in which an individual is sexually attracted to members

A look at Marxism and some of Hobbe’s theories in the realm of human nature. This is a brief debate on the concept of Marxism. It gives comments in favor as well as in against of the concept and mentions

An examination of American Express as a financial corporation, its history and role in the economy today. This paper analyzes and examines American Express Financial Corporation. Part II discusses the history of American Express Financial Corporation. In Part III, statistics

Ethical & legal analysis of necessary & unnecessary use of force by police & corrections officers.

An analysis of individual skill, aptitude, and the ability to do things others cannot and the effects on the philosophy of modernity. This paper discusses capitalism, communism and socialism with the common thread of the individual’s role in each society.

Reviews work on theory & application of Transactional Analysis in creating successful life & relationships. After twenty years and more than 3 million copies sold, Born to Win proves that Transactional Analysis theory holds wide appeal for the American public

A discussion on whether the recent implementation of flight restrictions following the Sept 11th attacks are constitutional. This paper examines why Temporary Fight Restrictions (TFR) are considered unconstitutional by many quarters and how they are seriously hurting economic conditions of

Theories of modernization & its destructive impact on the natural environment. Technology, economics, sustainable development, pollution, resource allocation. Scrutiny of the ideology underlying modernization helps to account for the nearly intolerable high level of environmental degradation, which accompanied it. In

This paper examines the crisis in the Taiwan Straits in 1958 and focuses on U.S support after the incident. This paper describes the crisis that occurred in 1958 when Chiang Kai-Shek placed Nationalist Chinese troops on the islands of Quemoy

Compares theories & their application in international relations, economics & national power of Estonia & North Korea. One perception of international relations is based upon a premise that a rational and moral political order, derived from universally valid abstract principles,

A discussion of the main themes and the style of writing. An analysis of Matthew Arnold’s poem ` Dover Beach`. The author discusses the writer’s use of symbolism and the effectiveness of the writer’s style of alluding to other works.

This paper deals with Giovanni Boccaccio’s `Decameron` as a work of social parody rather than a book of morality. This paper discusses `The Decameron` by Boccaccio. The author focuses on the use of casual sex and jeopardized morals in Boccaccio’s

An examination of a number of short stories by Shirley Jackson, looking at the alternative themes she tends to portray in her stories. Shirley Jackson is a short story writer known for writing disturbing stories that focus not on horrific

Religious, political & socioeconomic aspects of church-led movement for justice for poor, focusing on El Salvador. Role of U.S., military, violence, health care, charity, future. This research examines the phenomenon of liberation theology in the Central American country of El

An analysis of the short story by Bobbie Ann Mason, “Shiloh”. The paper provides an understanding of the ordinary characters in this short story and a summary of the plot. The paper describes the simple story of a Kentucky couple

A paper focusing on the history and eventual crumbling of the Roman Republic. This paper gives history behind the Roman Republic, and delves into its decline and eventual collapse. “To this day historians debate the reasons for the decline and

This paper looks at the life and works of Friedrich Bernhard Riemann. This paper examines the life and the work of the 19th century German mathematician Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, whose ideas concerning geometry of space had a profound effect on

Analyzes U.S. tilt toward Iraq in 1980-1988. Background, overall Middle East policy, secret talks, aid, arms for hostages deal with Iran, aftermath. This research paper summarizes and evaluates the policies pursued by the Reagan Administration during the war between Iran

The paper examines the question of what constitutes a nuclear family in today’s society. This paper discusses much of the controversy surrounding definition what is a nuclear family. This paper examines whether or not the family as we know it,

A complete history of the construction of Eastern State Penitentiary and an exploration of the famous inmates and stories that are associated with the prison. A detailed paper that outlines the history of one of Philadelphia’s national historical landmarks, Eastern

An examination of how the presence of others may impact behavior and performance This paper examines how the presence of others affects our performance and behavior. The author argues that the presence of others effects simple/practiced tasks and complex ones

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