Representation of female sexuality in “AC/DC Blues” and “Passing”. This paper explores the similarities and differences in “AC/DC Blues” and Larsen’s Passing, and their relation to the representation of female sexuality in African American culture. The author feels that the

A discussion of Roosevelt’s accomplishments in the courts and judiciary that won him support and victory. This paper takes a look at Franklin D, Roosevelt and his governmental successes in 1936. The author examines Roosevelt’s judicial revolution during the time

An examination of the writing and contribution to literature made by Southern Catholic American author, Flannery O’Connor. The paper shows that Flannery O’Connor has been acclaimed as well as criticized for merging comedy with brutality and tragedy through her literary

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While Bill Gates may have represented the American dream, his actions in his company Microsoft have been staunchly attacked. This paper analyzes what happened and what the future holds for the man and the multi-billion dollar company. This paper is

Compares coverage of 1955 fatal auto accident by [New York Times], [Los Angeles Times] & [Houston Post]. James Dean was one of the most popular stars of the 1950s. Ironically, he only made three films before he died, but they

A look at the theme of love and death in Shakespeare’s `Romeo and Juliet.` This paper analyzes Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet and examines its central themes. The author looks at the themes of love and death with reference to

A case study examining the relationship between nursing kittens and purring in the domestic cat. The author of this paper conducts a case study on a mother cat and her nursing kittens to show whether or not the kittens purring

Examines treaties in effect in early 1996. Purposes, goals, signatory nations, legality, testing, focusing on Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. This research reviews major nuclear treaties in effect or negotiated and awaiting ratification in early-1996 with respect to treaty purposes, goals, and

An exploration of the economic impact of McDonald’s entering the Chinese market. McDonald’s is the largest food service retailer in the world with more than 30,000 restaurants in 121 countries. This paper explores the economic impact of McDonald’s entering the

A detailed report of an experiment testing the shielding of radiation by various materials. Discusses an experiment of the shielding of radiation. The experiment uses fluid flow measurements and the method of continuous flow to determine the coefficient of viscosity.

A look at the sexual freedom of women during England’s Regency period. This paper examines the lives and morals of three women who lived during England’s Regency period in order to determine the overall behavior of the day. The regency

Theory & applications. Training workers, manufacturing, medical field, methodology & implementation, system development options, user concerns, software. The applications of multimedia technologies in commercial environments are reviewed in this research. Emphasis in this review is placed on multimedia applications in

Discovery, process, history, techniques, properties, side effects. Peptides were first synthesized around the turn of the century. During the following decades, the compounds found many applications. At present, both solid and liquid phase methods may be used to chemically formulate

A critical review of Charles Dickens’ Novel -`Hard Times.` An exploration of the main themes raised in this novel and the comments that the novel makes on society. The paper focuses on the issue of the struggle between fact and

This paper describes the significance of the Kaa’ba in Islam and how Muslims feels about the rock and its location. The paper examines the Islamic ritual object Kaa’ba importance. It describes the origins of many religious rituals would be unknown

Examines Soviet & American influences in the Kosovo Province of Serbia after disintegration of Yugoslavia. History, ethnic factions, politics, nationalism, human rights. This research examines Soviet and American influences on events in Kosovo Province, Serbia subsequent to the disintegration of

An investigation of the effects of the inclusion process on disabled students, traditional students, and teachers. This paper addresses the controversial educational procedure of inclusion, where students with special needs are “included” into the school system in classes whose students

Innovative styles & social themes in Rossellini’s [Open City], De Sica’s [Bicycle Thief] & Visconti’s [Obsessione]. Italian neorealism developed as a particular form of cinematic expression during the period when Italy was ruled by the Fascists. One of the best-known

This paper is about the rich make-up that is America. The author argues that we have to keep encouraging multiculturalism, and we should show that we are proud in taking part of such diverse country. “We hold these truths to

This paper discusses the continuing practice of female genital mutilation(FGM) in many third world countries. The writer gives a brief history of female genital mutilation (FGM) including the different types, the reasons behind this occurrence and why it continues today.

Compares two paintings based on myth of Mars & Venus by Renaissance painters. Styles, sources, eroticism. A comparison of paintings by Joachim Wtewael (also spelled Uitewael and Uytewael) and Sandro Botticelli demonstrates how painters could use the same subject matter

A discussion of the works of Maria Luisa Bemberg, a famous Latin American filmmaker. This paper looks at the work of Maria Luisa Bemberg, a Latin American filmmaker that is considered to be one of the best directors known. The

An analysis of the importance of management control through a sound theory of control and overall operating strategy. This paper discusses the importance of management control to the running of any business and examines how the process of control has

A paper which explores the history and results of the Woman’s Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, USA in 1848. A paper which explores major documents of actions taken by women groups, which advanced their cause between the 1700s and

This paper discusses the challenges, the current status and the future of Chrysler Financial. “Chrysler Corporation was incorporated in Delaware on June 6, 1925, as a successor to the Maxwell Motor Car. Walter Chrysler became Chairman of the Board and

Analyzes novel as Christian allegory & social critique. The story of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Dafoe demonstrates British imperialism and ethnocentrism. The story is based on the real-life adventures of a Scottish Sailor named Alexander Selkirk who quickly faded from

This paper discusses the role that the Federal Highway Act of 1956 played in helping to determine what shape America would take over the last half of the twentieth century. This paper examines the largest public works project of its

Reports on the alleged UFO citing in Roswell, New Mexico. This paper reviews the facts of this extra-terrestrial citing in this New Mexican city with an emphasis on a review of the crash. Also, the UFO Museum of Research, along

This paper discusses the work of Paulo Freire and Walker Percy who revolutionized the traditional view of educational thought. This paper discusses the methods and observations Freire and Percy use to explain that true knowledge is not measured by good

A look at how Western film making styles impact traditional Japanese film making. An examination of Western impact on Japanese film making. The author focuses specifically on Akira Kurosawa?s film Seven Samurai. The author describes the film makers use of

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