An exploration of the autobiographical aspects of “The Great Gatsby” . The paper studies the extent to which the protagonist is an autobiographical portrait. It looks at Fitzgerald’s critique of contemporary America and compares and contrasts the characteristics of the

This paper examines the benefits to the Marine Corps if it establishes a multimedia support system. This paper provides an in-depth examination of media-related problems and attempts to solve it through the creation of a multimedia support center for the

A look at the story of George Washington and the Cherry Tree Myth from a different angle – skepticism. The paper discusses the significance of the George Washington and the Cherry Tree myth. The story was first presented in 1806

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A discussion on politician William Jennings Bryan and his influence on U.S. politics. By referring to Robert W. Cherny’s book A Righteous Cause : The Life of William Jennings Bryan, the paper discusses the life and political history of this

This paper examines an ancient Greek amphora that depicts Herakles’ twelfth labor, bringing the monster Kerberos up from the Underworld. This paper discusses the amphora, or vase depicting the struggle between the Greek mythological hero, Herakles, and Kerberos, the two-headed

A study of the plan to improve Kmart’s performance. This paper discusses the Kmart Corporation and its evident performance problems. The author provides an overall description of the organization including its macro and micro environments and diagnoses the apparent problems

An analysis of Valentin Rasputin’s novel Live and Remember. The paper introduces Russian writer, Valentin Rasputin and his success in Russian literature. It analyzes his book, Live and Remember – considered as one of the most significant works of the

This paper is an analysis of the different themes discussed in Tony Kushner’s, award-winning play, `Angels in America.` The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss and compare the play `Angels in America,` by Tony Kushner. Specifically the paper

An examination of the attraction that Disneyland possesses and a description of possible work opportunities for Disney fans. A brief discussion about why Disneyland appeals to adults and children alike. It also addresses business opportunities within Disneyland and why one

A study on the Asian films Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Princess Mononok. This paper examines the Asian films Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Princess Mononok. The paper illustrates that the films subject matter is conveyed to the viewer through

A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of In Vitro Fertilization. This paper discusses the advanced reproductive technologies that enable In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The author describes the various possible reasons for infertility and indicates that IVF is a favorable

A discussion on Eleanor Roosevelt’s political, social and cultural achievements. This paper discusses Eleanor Roosevelt?s personality, political achievements and her relationship with the mass media. The author gives examples of how she left her mark on the American society and

This paper looks at the shooting down of KAL flight 007 during the Reagan administration in 1982. This essay is an examination of the shoot-down of KAL flight 007 in 1982. The author puts forth the idea that KAL 007

A discussion of Camus’s view of the completion of tasks as seen in two of his works. The concept of a task to be completed as portrayed in literature is addressed through an examination of two of Camus’s works, “The

This paper investigates and explains why firms find it advantageous to merge, and also provides the consequences of merger activity. The author defines types of mergers and discusses them as related to merger motives and their disadvantages. Examples of different

Historical, religious, social, political, economic & military aspects of Christian Crusade culminating in storming of Jerusalem by Frankish army. On a November day in the year 1195, in one of the most famous of medieval scenes, Pope Urban II addressed

Examines 1990 TV docudrama’s portrayal of life, politics, ethics, law, human rights under dictatorship in Paraguay. The film One Man’s War, produced for Home Box Office and directed by Sergio Toledo in 1990, is an example of the television docudrama,

Why the United States should make constructive relations with China. This essay puts forward arguments why the United States should attempt to develop positive relations with China. It discusses historical relations and those policies being adopted by the President Clinton

Examines coming-of-age of novel’s protagonist as tool to critique society’s hypocrisy & corruption.

Review of a portion of Roberto Begnini’s Oscar-winning movie Life Is Beautiful. This paper shows how the movie provides a contrast between the despair many faced in the concentration camps of World War II and his interpretation of the life

An examination of asset pricing and the phenomenon of ‘Bubbles’. This paper details an asset pricing phenomena that is known as Bubbles. The writer of the paper provides a history of Bubbles with several detailed examples of past Bubble events.

Reviews Charles Dickens’ novel LITTLE DORRIT, emphasizing the social concerns evident in character, setting, plot & theme. Charles Dickens was a novelists and social critic who had particular concerns about social problems such as prison reform. He wrote about the

Describes the conflict between the Constitutional rights to a free press and a free trial. Discusses over-the-top press coverage of sensational cases and focuses on the conflict that sometimes arises when a reporter is required to testify. Freedom of the

This paper takes a look at the women in Hemingway’s novel `The Sun Also Rises.` This paper looks at the female characters in the novel `The Sun Also Rises.` It examines the post-war era when morals were put to one

This paper analyses the novel 1984 by George Orwell and compares how present working conditions through modern technology could easily parallel the predictions in the book. This paper analyses the novel 1984 by George Orwell and compares how present working

A debate over William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and whether he was sane or not. An analysis of the character of Hamlet. This paper debates whether Hamlet was faking his madness throughout the play or whether he was really insane. The writer

Analyzes the recent bankruptcy filing by Barney’s department store and assesses the outlook for the future. Barney’s Department Store in New York has followed a number of other New York retail institutions into difficult times. Recently, there were rumors that

This paper analyzes the book Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals. This paper looks at the book Warriors Don’t Cry which is the story of a young African American child who was one of the first who forced racial

A discussion of the potential success of microbroadcasters and their struggle to go on the air. Microbroadcasters are citizens who put low-powered radio stations on the air without a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The paper discusses the

This essay tells the story of Wells’ life and works and how they relate to the author’s life. This paper looks at the life of famed novelist H.G. Wells. The author describes his childhood, education, marriages, and most importantly, Wells’

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