An investigation of the effects of the inclusion process on disabled students, traditional students, and teachers. This paper addresses the controversial educational procedure of inclusion, where students with special needs are “included” into the school system in classes whose students

Innovative styles & social themes in Rossellini’s [Open City], De Sica’s [Bicycle Thief] & Visconti’s [Obsessione]. Italian neorealism developed as a particular form of cinematic expression during the period when Italy was ruled by the Fascists. One of the best-known

This paper is about the rich make-up that is America. The author argues that we have to keep encouraging multiculturalism, and we should show that we are proud in taking part of such diverse country. “We hold these truths to

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This paper discusses the continuing practice of female genital mutilation(FGM) in many third world countries. The writer gives a brief history of female genital mutilation (FGM) including the different types, the reasons behind this occurrence and why it continues today.

Compares two paintings based on myth of Mars & Venus by Renaissance painters. Styles, sources, eroticism. A comparison of paintings by Joachim Wtewael (also spelled Uitewael and Uytewael) and Sandro Botticelli demonstrates how painters could use the same subject matter

A discussion of the works of Maria Luisa Bemberg, a famous Latin American filmmaker. This paper looks at the work of Maria Luisa Bemberg, a Latin American filmmaker that is considered to be one of the best directors known. The

An analysis of the importance of management control through a sound theory of control and overall operating strategy. This paper discusses the importance of management control to the running of any business and examines how the process of control has

A paper which explores the history and results of the Woman’s Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, USA in 1848. A paper which explores major documents of actions taken by women groups, which advanced their cause between the 1700s and

This paper discusses the challenges, the current status and the future of Chrysler Financial. “Chrysler Corporation was incorporated in Delaware on June 6, 1925, as a successor to the Maxwell Motor Car. Walter Chrysler became Chairman of the Board and

Analyzes novel as Christian allegory & social critique. The story of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Dafoe demonstrates British imperialism and ethnocentrism. The story is based on the real-life adventures of a Scottish Sailor named Alexander Selkirk who quickly faded from

This paper discusses the role that the Federal Highway Act of 1956 played in helping to determine what shape America would take over the last half of the twentieth century. This paper examines the largest public works project of its

Reports on the alleged UFO citing in Roswell, New Mexico. This paper reviews the facts of this extra-terrestrial citing in this New Mexican city with an emphasis on a review of the crash. Also, the UFO Museum of Research, along

This paper discusses the work of Paulo Freire and Walker Percy who revolutionized the traditional view of educational thought. This paper discusses the methods and observations Freire and Percy use to explain that true knowledge is not measured by good

A look at how Western film making styles impact traditional Japanese film making. An examination of Western impact on Japanese film making. The author focuses specifically on Akira Kurosawa?s film Seven Samurai. The author describes the film makers use of

A descriptive essay on the sensations of mowing the lawn. This is a humorous essay that describes a day of mowing the lawn using the five senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound) required when writing a descriptive essay. “I

An exploration of the Martian terrain, with reference to the presence of water. This paper is introduces and discusses features of the Martian terrain suggesting that water, and possibly life, may have been present in the distant past or that

An exploration of the autobiographical aspects of “The Great Gatsby” . The paper studies the extent to which the protagonist is an autobiographical portrait. It looks at Fitzgerald’s critique of contemporary America and compares and contrasts the characteristics of the

This paper examines the benefits to the Marine Corps if it establishes a multimedia support system. This paper provides an in-depth examination of media-related problems and attempts to solve it through the creation of a multimedia support center for the

A look at the story of George Washington and the Cherry Tree Myth from a different angle – skepticism. The paper discusses the significance of the George Washington and the Cherry Tree myth. The story was first presented in 1806

A discussion on politician William Jennings Bryan and his influence on U.S. politics. By referring to Robert W. Cherny’s book A Righteous Cause : The Life of William Jennings Bryan, the paper discusses the life and political history of this

This paper examines an ancient Greek amphora that depicts Herakles’ twelfth labor, bringing the monster Kerberos up from the Underworld. This paper discusses the amphora, or vase depicting the struggle between the Greek mythological hero, Herakles, and Kerberos, the two-headed

A study of the plan to improve Kmart’s performance. This paper discusses the Kmart Corporation and its evident performance problems. The author provides an overall description of the organization including its macro and micro environments and diagnoses the apparent problems

An analysis of Valentin Rasputin’s novel Live and Remember. The paper introduces Russian writer, Valentin Rasputin and his success in Russian literature. It analyzes his book, Live and Remember – considered as one of the most significant works of the

This paper is an analysis of the different themes discussed in Tony Kushner’s, award-winning play, `Angels in America.` The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss and compare the play `Angels in America,` by Tony Kushner. Specifically the paper

An examination of the attraction that Disneyland possesses and a description of possible work opportunities for Disney fans. A brief discussion about why Disneyland appeals to adults and children alike. It also addresses business opportunities within Disneyland and why one

A study on the Asian films Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Princess Mononok. This paper examines the Asian films Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Princess Mononok. The paper illustrates that the films subject matter is conveyed to the viewer through

A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of In Vitro Fertilization. This paper discusses the advanced reproductive technologies that enable In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The author describes the various possible reasons for infertility and indicates that IVF is a favorable

A discussion on Eleanor Roosevelt’s political, social and cultural achievements. This paper discusses Eleanor Roosevelt?s personality, political achievements and her relationship with the mass media. The author gives examples of how she left her mark on the American society and

This paper looks at the shooting down of KAL flight 007 during the Reagan administration in 1982. This essay is an examination of the shoot-down of KAL flight 007 in 1982. The author puts forth the idea that KAL 007

A discussion of Camus’s view of the completion of tasks as seen in two of his works. The concept of a task to be completed as portrayed in literature is addressed through an examination of two of Camus’s works, “The

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